Oakland city council micromanages the shipping industry

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Fascist California: The Oakland city council has voted to block coal shipments through its brand new marine terminal.

The Oakland city council voted unanimously to bar shipments of coal through a proposed marine terminal on Monday, setting the stage for a legal battle.

The prospect of train cars carrying millions of tons of coal mined in Utah through Oakland before heading to Asian markets has inflamed passions in the city. Opponents argue it will harm health and exacerbate climate change. Proponents say it will provide good jobs in an impoverished area.

And I say it is none of the damn business of these petty dictators to decide what and where stuff gets shipped, especially if it is legal product.



  • wodun

    This is happening all over Washington state too.

    Any city that a train carries oil or coal through is the target of a nationwide campaign to block the transit of those products. Big nationwide networks send in dollars and highly organized Democrat activist groups to these communities.

    If a non-Democrat network of activist groups and big money donors were engaged in activity like this, we all know how Democrats would use the government to attack them. Meanwhile, Republicans struggle to even mention what is going on and how these groups are organized. The media isn’t going to do it for them.

  • Cotour

    A good reason to construct pipe lines (for the oil anyway). The oil can be demonstrated to be a dangerous product to transport as evidenced by the several recurring derailings and resulting fires and deaths.

    Oil will be shipped for many, many years into the future, the coal however does not pose immediate danger to the communities that it passes through, legal action may be the only solution here.

    And by the time that the issue is settled in the courts we will all have anti gravity belts and will live within the matrix half of the time.

  • Pzatchok

    The best thing about selling coal to China is that it will take jobs away from Chinese miners.
    Finally we get one back on them.

    But in the end the argument needs to be made to the few protesters.
    China WILL burn coal. So either it will be unsafely mined in China with no environmental mining controls or it will be mined in the US with good environmental controls.

    They need to start protesting in China and educating the Chinese people.

    Maybe we can send them a crying Indian (native American).

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