Obama administration considers Munich-like UN deal to partition Israel

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Having failed in its effort to depose Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel’s elected leader, the Obama administration is considering making several international deals that will bypass Israel’s government and force that country to accept a Palestinian state — even though the leaders of the Palestinians are still vowing to destroy them.

More here.

Anyone with any education at all knows how well Chamberlain’s deal at Munich with Hitler worked out. Expect the same from Obama and the Palestinians.



  • Cotour

    The Liberals just can not help themselves, in fact Obamas position here is certain to create extreme military confrontation and in the end that is where all issues of this nature are eventually finally settled. One side destroys the other side and the negotiation / conversation is no longer needed, diplomacy is over.

    Obama is actually pushing war by transmitting weakness and not peace by demonstrating strength. I do not think he really understands this basic rule of power and existence, he naively actually believes that he is able to intellectually change this law of power.

    This is a basic and fundamental failure to understand the nature of power capitol P and human nature and is why their version of the world must be built on lies and other peoples money and other peoples blood.

  • PeterF

    A caller on “The Mark Levin show” last night described Israel as “The Eastern Border of Western Civilization”.

    Either our “current occupant” is stupid and doesn’t see the danger, or he sees the danger and doesn’t care because he’s evil.

    Personally, I think his foreign policy was formulated during high school while he was getting stoned. He appears to envision himself as the greatest peacemaker President of all time if he can end all world conflicts by showing the bullies that we mean them no harm. That would explain the reason for the abandonment of the occupation of Iraq, normalizing relations with Cuba, capitulating to Iran, and the surrender of Israel to the tender mercies of Hamas. Whats next? Withdrawing from South Korea?

    I wish someone could tell him that unlike a basketball game where everybody gets a trophy, peace through surrender is not the equivalent of peace through winning. I guess he’ll just have to learn the principle through a “practical demonstration”. Too bad for “the folks” in the meat grinder though.

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