Obama announces he will veto any bill that changes Obamacare, including the “Keep your plan” offers from both parties in Congress.

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Good news! Obama announces he will veto any bill that changes Obamacare, including the “Keep your plan” offers from both parties in Congress.

For once I agree whole-heartedly with Obama. The bills in Congress now are foolish, and only serve to make Obamacare more permanent and even more flawed. Let us have a full repeal, and let him veto that. At least then the next election will be on this issue, clearly.

And in related news, Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) states that he is going to introduce repeal legislation.



  • Cotour

    Bring the issue honestly right to him and do not blink. Then bring it again and again.

    Being forced to face ones own dishonesty and manipulations in the mirror of truth will tell the tale. Even if the one being forced to face themselves rejects the outcome. ( the exercise is not about what the manipulator realizes about themselves but about what others learn about how they have deluded themselves in being happily mislead. )

  • wodun

    This would be funny if it wasn’t so serious. Obama will veto legislation that allows people to keep their plans but he will issue a dictate that purports to do the very same thing. We live in bizarro world.

  • Cotour

    The solution needs to be the total elimination of the Affordable Care Act through legislation not piecemeal fixes that prolong the pain. Let him veto it, strategically this is now a no win situation for him.

    In addition there needs to be concrete market based, “bi-partisan” (I hate that word) ideas and solutions that replace it.

  • JWing

    The fact that Executive branch under Obama has arbitrarily changed “the law of the land” several separate times by executive fiat without political blow back from congress is reason enough to demand the third branch being the supreme court to step in and declare this law unworkable, unfair, unsettled and unconstitutionally changed and illegally administered by the Office of the President.

  • Cotour

    The Supreme Court does not just insert itself into any issue it feels compelled to insert itself into, a case has to be filed by whom ever and then they decide to hear it or not and when. In addition the president does have some degree of wiggle room in regards to the implementation of law just by the virtue of being the president.

  • wade

    i was wrong in my thinking that Americans could stand for their Rights of Freedom , when I was growing up, these so – called lawmakers and Rulers of the Free World would have been either shot on sight or tarred and feathered and railroaded out of town. I can Not Believe what has been allowed the power of our elected officials. what with unduly Regulations that only project More costs to the people and to the further misuse of any Law withstanding upon Any of us, rich or poor. This once Great Nation has been pillaged and , under current regime, will fall . Just like the former Soviet Union did in modern Times and Other Great Governments of our collected Past.

  • wade

    read the 5th Amendment

  • JWing

    Please understand that the President’s “wiggle room” allows him the discretion to prioritize or emphasize certain laws through his DOJ, but (a BIG but) the President can’t arbitrarily change the law at his whim multiple times just because it has his name as a moniker.
    Regarding the Supreme Court, all that is needed is for a petition of writ of certiorari to be accepted by the Supreme Court to hear a case. Remember, this was done in the case of AlGore vs. U.S. contesting the results of GW Bush’s winning the 2000 Presidential elections. How could anyone forget “hanging chads” oh lo so many years ago.

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