Obama learns of existence of mysterious ‘‘Hillary Clinton’’ from news!


President Obama was reportedly shocked and stunned to learn from simply watching the news on Wednesday of the existence of this formally unknown yet very important “Hillary Clinton” person whom not only had been his Democratic primary opponent in 2007 and 2008, but had also been his Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013.


  • Cotour

    Like it or not, for the moment Obama is golden and this country and the world has to wait out the rest of his term. He intends to do as much fundamental as per his interpretation change as he can in the time alotted.

    And there are few of the empowered who are willing to stand in his way.

    Hillary’s biggest opponent at the moment is not the right in actuality Mr. Obama and his true believers are her worst nightmare. She is the wrong flavor of Liberal / Marxist and is not qualified to continue his agenda and legacy. His level of plausible deniability is way, way more believable than her’s. Hillary’s goose is cooked and Obama is the chef.

  • PeterF

    This story is almost believable except I was under the impression that B.O. gets his information from SportsCenter. Ever seen his daily schedule? I honestly believe that on the night of 11 September 2012 while our Ambassador to Libya was being murdered he couldn’t be bothered to hang around in the situation room because he needed to catch a game on ESPN. or maybe an episode of “Real Housewives” (but I suspect Michele is the one that watches that).

  • Cotour

    Salon wants to make it sound outrageous what this talking head suggests but I have to agree that somewhere located deep within our presidents thinking and justification system he is to a degree correct.


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