Obama lets stand Iran’s goal of destroying Israel

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Whose side is Obama on? During an NPR interview, President Obama said that it would be a “fundamental misjudgment” to require that Iran recognize the Jewish state of Israel as part of the nuclear deal.

Israel meanwhile is required to make deals, give up land, restrict its military strengths, and do nothing when attacked. Iran, the Palestinian Authority, Hamas, Hezbollah, and a host of other Islamic terrorist organizations can have the goal of killing all the Jews so that we can make nice with them.

Madness. It is all madness, and it is the same kind of naive madness that put us into a bloody world war in the 1930s that killed millions.



  • Cotour

    Ah to have someone in possession of a temporary massive power, who in their interpretation of the world does not particularly have your interest in mind, who gets to negotiate a treaty with existential consequences for you with your enemy and you have little to nothing to say about it and you get to pay the price, what ever it may be, including your total destruction.

    When Hillary and Jeb get going on their quest for the presidency, or should we just call it their rightful and royal installment, will anyone ask ” the world is in the shape that it is in largely because of your direct actions or your family’s direct actions, why would the people of America or the world for that matter want another helping of that ? ”

    I wonder how they might reply?

  • CVA

    I suppose Clinton would safely screech,
    “it’s all due to global warming!”; while
    her sycophantic extremist base nod and
    “woo-woo!” in vacant stare, progressive

  • mivenho

    The global geopolitical climate IS heating up.

  • PeterF

    These morons are going to find out that nuclear weapons are not as destructive as they think they are.
    “I can’t tell you what kind of weapons WWIII will be fought with but WWIIII will be fought with sticks and stones”
    “We can destroy the earth 17 times over”
    “Israel will be a one weapon war”
    “The living will envy the dead”
    etc., etc., etc, blah, blah, blah.

    KGB propaganda. The Soviet leadership knew they wouldn’t survive unrestricted thermonuclear war so they wanted to prevent it the only way they could (and still keep their power)

    The “destroy the earth 17 times” figure was arrived at by dividing the number of known casualties in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the number of kilotons detonated over those cities to calculate actual deaths per kiloton.
    Then multiplying the casualties per kiloton figure with the number of kilotons contained in worldwide arsenals to get the total maximum possible number of casualties.

    That final figure was always more than the world population (17 times seems to have been a favorite)

    Sounds scientific? No. To kill that many people, you would have to get the world population to agree to stand exposed in large circular areas surrounded by wooden structures so that you could detonate nuclear weapons at the center of the circles. Most of the people would not die from the nuclear detonation but from the firestorm created by the burning wooden structures.

    1. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were chosen for nuclear weapon attack because those cities were mostly constructed of wood.
    2. The devices were detonated at an altitude calculated to maximize the effect of the thermal pulse. A ground burst (like a suitcase bomb) expends half its energy into the ground.
    3. They were attacked during morning “rush hour” so as to maximize the number of people exposed in the street.
    4. The air raid “all clear” had been sounded because it was believed that Enola Gay and Bock’s car were reconnaissance aircraft, the air raid shelters emptied moments before the attacks.
    5. Bomb shelter workers within 100 yards of ground zero in Nagasaki survived the war.
    6. Most of the people who died in both cities were killed by the firestorms ignited by the airburst, not by the weapons.
    7. The firestorm that created the signature mushroom clouds also created surface level winds in excess of 200 MPH that caused their own special type of destruction.
    8. The survivors (there were many) were unaware of ionizing radioactivity and therefore were unaware of simple measures that would have prevented many of the casualties caused by radioactive fallout.
    9. The panoramic movie showing the total devastation of Hiroshima is promoted as the destruction caused by a nuclear blast but is actually showing the after effect of the firestorm and looks eerily similar to the aftermath of the Tokyo and Dresden fire bombings, caused by conventional incendiary weapons. Careful viewing reveals the scorched masonry buildings still intact.

    The reason we were taught to shelter under our desks in school was to protect us from the flying glass when the school windows blew in from the pressure pulse. This was something the Russians had to relearn after that bolide exploded at altitude last year.

    The half-life of the most dangerous radioisotopes limits the length of time fallout procedures must be in effect (about two weeks) Similar to the effects of a major weather event like a blizzard. (or a major hurricane)

    After the Iranians detonate their device ( they will, don’t doubt it) in Tel Aviv (or Haifa, or Jerusalem, or wherever) I will fully support any action the Israelis choose to take against the Iranian political leadership (or any other political group) that targets the Jewish civilian population for political goals. The Iranian population , representing the Persian civilization, do not appear to support the Mullahs, so they should not be targeted (but the probability of collateral damage should not stay the Israeli’s hand).

    For those of you who say that I am not being consistent, the Japanese society of the 1940’s was NOT equivalent to modern Iran. If the emperor had ordered total annihilation, the Japanese would have obeyed, resulting in another million dead American soldiers. The Green revolutionaries? Not so much.
    (Our current leadership abandoned Iraq after 5000 deaths, there were 5000 deaths in a D-Day TRAINING accident.)

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