Obama now just learning that he is President!

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Heh. Obama now just learning that he is President!

“I mean, I knew I was in a position of high importance, but not like THE President and all. I’m just as shocked as you all!” said the President to reporters in the White House’s Rose Garden, Monday. “…A lot of people have been wondering how all these scandals and things could be happening under my watch and I not know about it…” Obama said. “Well, when you don’t know you’re in charge of all these agencies and people, how can you? Think about it. It’s not my fault.”

Read it all. I especially like his response to a gentle and supportive question from a CNN reporter.



  • Cotour

    Pure victim psychological blame double speak. He is attempting to convince the people that HE is the victim and is not responsible for anything. He is giving it a shot, this IMO is an extension of the faulty and childish Liberal / Marxist / Communist logic and how he identifies racially. It is weak and pathetic. Sick, sick, sick.

    This is the leader of the free world, a “highly intelligent” person who is a Constitutional scholar who has been the president of the United States for the past 5 1/2 years and he uses the cop out excuse when he is stone cold busted and is being tagged as an out and out liar? What an EFN child, and he expects to get a pass on this?

    The irony will be that his lying about his signature law bearing his name in the culture will be what will take him down. How offensive and an insult! If this is what the model is for manhood in the worlds future then we are all in big, big trouble.

    This “man” and the people who blindly and subjectively follow him disgust me.

  • Cotour

    He needs to resign or be impeached by the Congress for self confessed incompetence and an inability to understand and execute his fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Everything you say about Obama is likely true, but did you realize that this post is pure satire and not true? Your comment suggests that you did not.

  • Cotour

    Does satire succeed because it is based in truth? Where is the parting line between reality and satire?

    Obama denies health care comments…

    Video recordings show him saying them — at least 29 times!

    LOWRY: The Speech He Never Gave…

  • Cotour

    So much for satire:

    Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ‘Nothing’ Obama or I Said About Obamacare ‘Was Not True’

  • Joe

    Satire fails to amuse when it’s this accurate!

  • Cotour

    ‘Nothing’ Obama or I Said About Obamacare ‘Was Not True’

    Nothing they said was not true, but was what they said true?

    I say nothing they said was true, Obamacare is something that must be lied about because if the people to whom you were selling Obamacare knew what it was actually about you would never get near the levers of power.

    Politicians in general can parse words and dance around words and meanings of words, but when you must plainly lie the people will find out in time and they will determine what the cost to you will be.

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