Obama press chief said today that they have no plans to take John McCain’s advice and replace Joe Biden as vice president.

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Obama’s press chief said today that they have no plans to take John McCain’s advice and replace Joe Biden as vice president.

This public suggestion by John McCain might actually have been the best thing he has ever done for the conservative movement. As Biden has piled on the stupid gaffes in the past few weeks it seemed to me that to fire him and replace him with someone more respectable (and more intelligent) this close to the election would be a very smart political move. Having a Republican suggest it, however, has made the Obama administration decide they can’t do it. Truly wonderful.



  • Not just any Republican – they could never live down following VP-pick advice from the guy who chose Sarah Palin!

  • JGL

    Im happy they won’t be taking McCains advice, think of the mayham Biden will be creating in the following weeks, he can not control himself.

    Obama may just think that , hey what the heck, he’s got me this far.

    Biden believes he is takeing it to them when he opens his mouth.

    Maybe in the next 21 days or so Biden will decide to “spend more time with his family”.

    Ryan is a much better choice than Palin. Don’t get me wrong, I like Palin, she’s just a bit too much of a lightning rod and lacks the gravitas


    All of the lighning rods will be absent from the Republican convention, Bush, Trump, Palin, Cheney, Rumsfeld, etc, etc.

    The break from Bush must be solidified at the convention and a new Republican paradigm created which embraces sanity, the Constitution,

    next gen politicians, oh yeah, and sanity and the Constitution.

  • What makes you think it was a gaffe? Biden set up the chain remark with his previous statement. And no apology was forthcoming. Biden got the VP gig in the first place to be Obama’s attack dog. Nothing has changed in four years except the target.

  • I might add that Biden won’t be replaced because the Dems would be clammoring for Hillary and neither Barry nor Michelle could stomach that. This is the same duo that dissed Oprah after all she did for them. Loyalty is merely a matter of convenience for this pair. Just ask Rahm.

  • has a president ever switched vp’s inbetween terms before?

  • It used to happen all the time Walter however since FDR(who had 3 VP’s John Nance Garner, Henry A. Wallace & Harry S. Truman). No presidents has willing changed Vice Presidents. Most see it as a sign of political weakness.

    That said I honestly expected Joe Biden to have “health issues” and remove himself from the race about a year ago since Joe Biden brings little to the Obama ticket and has almost no chance of getting elected President himself. I would argue the fact Obama has made no effort to put some like Andrew Cuomo or Mark Warner on the ticket he really doesn’t care much for the Democratic party either after he is out of power. Its all about Obama all the time. The one thing you can say for Joe Biden is you will never be confused who is the president at the top of the ticket and who casts the tie breaker votes in the senate.

  • Richard Easton

    Ford switched from Rockefeller to Dole but lost the 1976 election.

  • JGL

    I have to believe that a majority of Democrats now know that Obama presents as a Liberal / Democrat but is actually a Marxist / Socialist

    under what he presents as.

    They are in a precarious position IMO, I don’t care what your ethnicity is, the people of America as a people must rise to the occasion and

    turn this ship back to its foundation and not shoot off to what would be its destruction.

  • wodun

    Indeed, and this line of attack from Obama surrogates has been used before. It is clearly a created talking point.

  • woh very interesting , it makes sense FDR could do whatever he wanted , but yeh now it seems impossible for a switch of vp’s unless as stated the vp himself removes himself . thanks for the info

  • Cotour


    Why will Joe never be president? Because he is a dangerous to America knucklehead and Jackass. Essentially and effectively a Globalist / New World Order / EU style Socialist. Real Americana. A hollow, happy talk, BS presidential candidate that will without doubt, just like Obama or Hillary further deliver the United States to the Chinese who WERE on track to dominate the planet. That is until Trump arrived on the scene.


    “I respect no borders, and cannot be contained by any walls,” he said. “As president, I will do more than just restore the historic partnerships.”

    Sounds like a real Superman, his only problem? He has never met an issue that he could not be turned around on, has absolutely no political, philosophical, American compass. As American as he wants you to believe he is he is exactly the opposite, a total sell out. Wait until this question is asked of him in the coming debates:

    Q 1: “Vice president Biden, what influence does the FACT that the Chinese have written your son a check for $1.5 BILLION DOLLARS and have deposited it in his hedge fund?”

    Follow up Q 2: ” What roll did you play as Vice president while in office while traveling on official business to China to facilitate this deal between the Chinese and your son?”.

    (Obviously the Chinese like any good chess player only wrote that check to Biden’s dopey son in order to garner influence and probably future blackmail related to the Vice president and the American government. They are covering their bets. I am certain that this too will be investigated and further revealed in the coming weeks and months leading up to the presidential election. If not by the media, which is their job which they choose not to do, or by Attorney General Barr and the DOJ)

  • Cotour

    The question remains: At what point does Joe Biden stand down and quit the 2020 presidential race?

    Between his very long typical “professional politician” BS political record, his inability to coherently speak and transmit a logical thought without creating big negatives, and these are the two worst evidences for Biden to just fold it all up and enjoy his waning years.

    1. Biden freely admitting that he apparently threatened the Ukrainians about an investigation related to an energy company that his son Hunter was on the board of.

    https://youtu.be/d4aLZyf7JTU 1.3 min

    Here Bloomberg talking heads down play the facts in the case here. Joe’s son was under investigation and Biden by his own words tells of how he threatened to have a $1 billion dollar loan guarantee pulled if the investigation was not ended.

    2. The fact that Biden on an official government trip to China as the vice president was involved with securing for his son what turned out to be $1.5 BILLION dollars in a hedge fund investment by the Chinese government. Of course the Chines are playing the game and securing their position if and when Biden becomes president. They also played that game with Hillary, who will also, just like Biden, never become president.

    The end result of all of this? Joe Biden will at some point in the near future drop out of the 2020 presidential race, he is just not up to the task for many, many reasons. Book it.

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