Obama proclaims he will fail to do what every President has failed to do since Carter and the right goes crazy.

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I was reading Newt Gingrich”s commentary blasting Obama for his immigration amnesty announcement and was struck by this paragraph:

[Under Obama’s directive] there will be one group, estimated at 4 million or so, who are eligible for the new work authorization program. But at the same time, there will be no resources directed at enforcing immigration law against the other 7 million people here illegally as long as they do not fall into a few narrow categories, according to the President’s Office of Legislative Affairs. And indeed, a “senior administration official” told Roll Call that the administration “will order immigration agents to prioritize deportations of criminals and recent arrivals — and let people who are not on that priority list go free.”

I read this and realized that what Obama is doing, or not doing, depending on your point of view, is exactly what every President since Carter has done or failed to do. For the right to blast him for this unconstitutional behavior is fine, but we mustn’t forget that Republican presidents have been just as corrupt and as unconstitutional. Since the 1970s the executive branch of our federal government has simply failed to enforce the immigration laws that exist, in exactly the way Obama outlined it, and the result has been the arrival of millions of illegal immigrants inside the United States.

All Obama has done is admit to this failure, and draped it in the mantle of his approval. Past presidents had instead made believe they were doing their constitutional duty, even as they quietly allowed immigration officials to cease enforcing the law. Why else are so many illegals here?

It is this failure, by Presidents of both parties, that ipitomizes the corruption and failure of the federal government on all issues. From the budget to immigration to healthcare to pushing for wasted funding for SLS, our federal government is a pile of garbage that is choking the life out of American society, on all levels. It is for this reason that I heartily and without fear routinely support the election of untried and sometimes foolish sounding tea party candidates: they can’t possibliy be worse than what we already have and — because of their passion for smaller government — are far more likely to be much better.



  • Phineas Worthington

    Excellent point. The Federalist Papers talks repeatedly about how governments will fail to perform their proper functions when they are excessively burdened with improper functions. Seems that illegal immigration is merely the feedback mechanism telling us our government has been excessively burdened with improper functions for at least four decades.

  • wodun

    “will order immigration agents to prioritize deportations of criminals and recent arrivals”

    The problem is that Obama has not actually been doing this, he just claims this is what is happening. In reality, there is no discretion taking place and criminals are being set free.

  • Garry

    I agree with just about everything you write here, but there is one significant difference from previous presidents: by this high-profile executive order and other means, Obama is actively encouraging more illegal immigrants. Sure, he put in “safeguards,” such as requiring 5 years’residence to be eligible, but these are easily overcome by forged documents, which aren’t difficult to obtain (how hard can it be to forge a utility bill).

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