Obama signed the guestbook at Westminister Abbey with the wrong year.

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What the hell? In signing the guestbook at Westminster Abbey today, Obama dated his comments 24 May, 2008.


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  • JGL

    I think what the president finds himself doing in his administration is so far off his original ideal he may be confusing himself.

    Think about the first action he took upon entering the oval office directly related to Brittan: He returned to Brittan the bust of Winston Churchill.

    Why: (I assume) Because the presidents grand father was brutally tortured by colonial Brittan in what is now Kenya in the 50’s.

    That was his pure idealistic focused frame of mind, reject and spit in the eye of the Brits and symbolically avenge his grandfather.

    Its understandable, his grandfathers torture was well documented.

    And today he is in England supping with the Queen, sleeping in the palace and declaring his sameness with them.

    Maybe his head is spinning, not believing the things he is willing to do to be reelected.

    His default year when under stress may be 2008, when all was good.

    Sorry grand dad, please forgive me, but I must be reelected.

    We will see if Winston returns to the White House on air force one.

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