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Obama walks away from a room of journalists, refusing to answer questions about his new kill policy

Transparency: Obama today walked out on a room of journalists, refusing to answer questions about his new kill policy.

The picture of Obama walking out, back to the camera, tells us a great deal.

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  • Pzatchok

    Guilt. He knows he is guilty.

  • jwing

    Obama is pompously claiming, through his illegitimate use of legalease and sophisticated drones, the same corrupting power that Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Hitler practiced in the dark of night with a gang of thugs at you doorstep.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Even a couple of journalists admitted this would’ve caused a firestorm if it happened while Bush was in office…

  • JGL

    How dare you question him and expect him to answer you!

  • Don’t question emperor Barry. He is the liberal equivalent of god.

  • I would say that the number of Obama voters in that room approached unity.

  • I have to ponder if some news reporter will ever ask Obama if Abdulrahman al-Awlaki, the 16 year old he considers “collateral damage” from his drone policy was any closer in likeness to his fictional son than say Trayvon Martin? Another question would be if Obama ever considered the rights of Abdulrahman al-Awlaki. Maybe it’s that Obama insists this portion of the constitution is an outdated relic too. Most dictators don’t have time for petty constitutions. It’s below them…

  • Jim

    Evasive? Maybe this is where he learned it

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Good grief, Jim – is that the best you can come up with? By now it’s well-known that Scooter Libby was not even the one that “leaked” it – it was Richard Armitage, which he himself admitted on CNN, and he did so inadvertently. Despite knowing this information, Patrick Fitzgerald continued going after Libby. The goofy thing about it was, it was no secret Valerie Plame worked for the CIA – it was well-known all over DC, because her husband routinely bragged about it at cocktail parties! But the most important piece of this entire travesty is that she was NOT a “covert agent” – she had a desk job at the CIA & her plates said “CIA” something-or- other, so “outing” her was a total non-issue. This was the biggest manufactured “scandal” in history – a joke, really. To even put that in the same category as targeting U.S. citizens with drones without due process is laughable. Nice try…

    Blair, you said it best: I would say that the number of Obama voters in that room approached unity.

    I’d say that’s about the surest bet anyone could make – don’t think you could even get odds on that ! !

  • Jim

    Chris, you miss my point. It has nothing to do with the efficacy of the charges against Scooter Libby. It had everything to do with the fact that Presidents avoid questions all the time…most often for legal reasons. Bush did and Obama did.
    And by the way, that whole post from the Daily Caller was silly. But leave it to Neil Munro.
    President Obama is leaving the room…that it. Every time anyone, including a President, is leaving a room full of journalists they turn their back and walk out. Its how you leave a room. It was not a press conference. No matter where any President is, if reporters are there they shout out questions. And Presidents walk on by. And Munro’s headline is “Obama, Carney walk away from media questions…” Then Munro goes on to explain that Carney did answer questions up to a point and then moved on.
    And who is Neil Munro? The “reporter” who had to apologize to the White House for shouting out questions interrupting the President’s announcement on immigration about a year ago. He was the only one who thought, I guess, that it was a press conference.
    Here’s my suggestion for Neil Munro, since he is a reporter. Learn the difference between a press conference and moments when the President is walking by.
    No one else who was in the room had a problem except Neil. But then he is a faux journalist.

  • Jim

    Here you go, one more, and this time Ronald Reagan, saying he will not answer questions on Iran/Contra, reporters shouting out questions, and then turning his back and leaving the room. Obama is in good company, no?

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Except, so-called “journalists” now are pretty much all in Obama’s pocket – I only WISH they had the same level of curiosity & determination to get the bottom of stonewalling the way they did with Reagan or Bush (see “Benghazi” or “Fast & Furious”) – it just ain’t the same at all now. You said this: No one else who was in the room had a problem except Neil. But then he is a faux journalist. – exactly my point! ! They SHOULD have cared! Consider this: maybe he is not a “faux journalist”, but in truth, the only true journalist in the room ! ! A true journalist should be willing to ask tough questuions & demand accountability, no matter which side of the aisle a president (or any politician) sits on. The fact that the rest of ’em didn’t care speaks volumes…

    MY point was, if Bush had done the same, he would’ve been ripped by the MSM big-time – and he routinely was. They made a huge issue of the Valerie Plame thing, when in fact, it was a total NON-issue, which is a big part of MY point.

    Anyway, I’d rather not spend time arguing points that are not directly related to the original post – I’m sure Bob didn’t intend that for this site, so I guess we’ll just have to leave it there. I doubt if anything I say will convince you you’re wrong, and you won’t change my mind either. But I’ll leave this dicussion without agreement, but with respect…

  • wodun

    True enough that presidents other than Obama have done this but the examples bring us back around the the media’s reaction. The media continues to this day to say that Bush leaked Plame’s name and while ignoring Obama’s leaks about the CIA that landed the dr who helped us get Bin Laden in jail and expose our stuxnet, duqu, flamer (ect) cyber attack program against Iran.

    There were actual inteligence consequences to Obama’s leaks and no reaction from our media.

    It is smart for a politician to know when not to answer a question. We will just have to wait for a Republican to be in office again for the media not to stand for it.

  • I think the discussion you and Jim are having is exactly what I want for Behind the Black: intelligent rational and civil discussion about the issues of our time. Don’t censor yourself. Keep it going!

  • jwing

    If this situation stands then let us all agree there is furthermore NO difference in whether Obama, as president, uses a drone or he personaly pulls the trigger to assasinate a suspected american citizen terrorist. In either case, he is acting as judge, jury and executioner in a tyrannical manner far beyond that envisioned and proscribed by constitutional limits for the Commander-in-Chief.

  • Jim

    Indeed, Chris, but I’ll leave it on a point of agreement. As I said on another post, the silence from Democrats about drones is shameful. And hypocritical. They would have been screaming if it was Bush.

  • Jim

    And one more point of agreement for all here: Robert’s use, sarcastically, of the term “transparency.” This supposed transparent administration is anything but. And that has been from day one. They are as un-transparent, dis-transparent, anti-transparent, as any other. Maybe even more so.

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