Obamacare collapse in Virginia

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Finding out what’s in it: With the departure from Virginia of the last insurance companies because of Obamacare’s unworkable rules, in 2018 people will be unable to buy individual health insurance in more than half the state.

Should nothing change before the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid’s Sept. 27 deadline for insurers to participate, parts of Virginia, including the Roanoke and New River valleys, will be the only places in the U.S. without at least one insurer, according to an analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation. Open enrollment starts Nov. 1 for policies that take effect Jan. 1.

This year, three insurance companies offered individual policies in the Roanoke and New River valleys.

But this spring, Aetna announced that it would no longer participate in the marketplace. Last month, Anthem followed suit. And Optima Health said last week that it would no longer offer individual policies in areas of Virginia where its parent, Sentara Health, did not have hospitals and providers. Although Optima covered only a small percentage of people in western Virginia, the company had been expected to fill the void after Anthem announced its departure, meaning it would have been on track to sell 100 percent of the individual policies in the region.

Of course, the blame falls on the Republicans, who had nothing to do with writing or passing Obamacare and have tried endlessly to either get it repealed or revised but have had all these actions blocked by the Democrats and a handful of fake Republicans who really are Democrats in sheep’s clothing. Sadly, it appears that most of the Republican Party has thrown in the towel and has decided it isn’t worth the effort any longer fixing Obamacare. Instead, we shall see the entire collapse of the health insurance industry.

Too bad no one predicted this collapse, except for every single reasonable conservative in the entire country.



  • Cotour

    And so through fear of financial destruction Obamacare transforms into Universal Obamacare, one state at a time. Chuck S. has plainly stated that that indeed is what he and his co conspirators want. This is what he will attempt to black mail Trump with in their negotiations. I do not believe that Trump will play his game and Trump must somehow leverage Chuck into a corner on this issue. Trump must flip the script on Chuck and he must play both sides against each other to attain the best result. What exactly that is I do not know.

    (Trump should be reaching a level of comfort after 9 months in office in figuring out how exactly he is going to manipulate both sides. I assumed it would take about a year before he really either gets owned and is throttled back or does the owning and forces some other agenda than the one that has been being forced upon us all. Trump has great potential, lets see what he does with it, does he rise to the occasion or does he just tread water? https://www.nytimes.com/2017/09/09/us/politics/trump-republicans-third-parties.html )

    Similar to the $20 T debt, there comes a point where no one dares oppose it because of the inherent perceived instability. Don’t rock the boat, it will sink. Don’t sink the boat! Just like the debt, there is a logic, design and plan here. It may all be insane, but there it is.

  • ken anthony

    There seems to be a presumption of good faith in the GOP which has been proven unjustified. The key was how they demonized the tea party years ago, but losing the ObamaCare repeal by one vote is very revealing. It’s not about John McCain.

    They never take a vote until they first know the outcome. If a vote fails by three votes it means they weren’t able to nail down two votes. When it fails by one it means they were absolutely certain about everybody. Not McCain alone. Everybody.

    Those allowed to vote for something that fails is just for show, just as it was for the last seven years.

    They are all liars. Everybody in Washington and New York.

    Tea party is working behind the scenes to fix this but are handicapped by not being professional liars.

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