Obamacare continues to cut employement

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Finding out what’s in it: New government surveys confirm that businesses are cutting jobs and work hours to avoid Obamacare.

It is important to repeat again that this monstrosity of a law was given to us by the Democratic Party, and only the Democratic Party. Who are you voting for in November?



  • Jake

    Isn’t it wonderful that all those people have the extra $2,000 a year savings that President Obama promised them to make up for the loss in wages? [End sarcasm]

  • Cotour

    Obama is a very un funny joke on America, the American people and the world, he will however serve a useful purpose if the Republicans can field an acceptable next gen candidate instead of the last gen candidates lining up to take their turn driving the bus. That’s if the people demand it and bypass the same old, good old boy Rhino’s of years gone by. But that is where the big money is and power loves money.

    The last gen list: Romney, Huckabee, Jeb, Perry, although Perry may be propelled to success by the Democrat indictment scheme on the one hand but on the other he begins his quest by hiring the same old Rhino consultants, etc, etc.

    The next gen list?: Rand Paul, who is definitely making the moves to position himself to run, he is in the process of separating from his Libertarian roots and may turn out to be the one, Chris Christy who IMO is not palatable and can not demonstrate economic success in his state, Allan West who I like but may be too strong but would have to be included in a successful candidates administration, Scott Walker, who is another victim of the Democrat indictment strategy, who can demonstrate economic success in his state, Ted Cruz, he may be my personal favorite, Ben Carson, who is certainly very likable and demonstrates common sense and understanding of the Constitution, Rubio IMO is no longer a player in this field because he has demonstrated that he is all too willing to deal on the Rhino agenda, he has shot himself in his political foot.

    Just my two cents.

  • bert

    After the Bush rape on the American economy. I’m still voting democrats!!!!!!!

  • Jamie

    And yet, you seem to ignore the Democrats “rape” of the American Taxpayers that took place before, during, and after the Bush Administration. Must be very difficult for you to live without a consciencious. This article was about Obama’s bad economic policies, why the deflection? Do you have a reading comprehension problem, or are you just naive?

  • Jamie

    Very funny! Unfortunately, many American workers are being displaced by companies that cannot meet the mandate. Funny how Obama allowed exmptions to certain organizations, government employee’s, and unions. The liberal-democrat double standard continues.

  • Jamie

    I agree with your astute political analysis. Keep up the good work!

  • Cotour

    Like it or not the Democrats are masters at pushing the peoples emotional buttons and human beings make many decisions based in emotion and what and who they “like”, and not in logic. That being said, it is a fundamental mistake we all make to “choose a side” because all politicians seeking empowerment by the people are by definition default liars. They will all tell you what you not only want to hear but what you need to hear at a particular moment in time in order to touch you emotionally.

    George Bush jr. was a liar and spent money IMO to increase the debt obligation of the people just as Mr. Obama has spent money, again IMO to have the effect of increasing the peoples obligation to pay on the debt and this ensures the existence of BIG government for governments sake. So from this perspective Bush and Obama are the same, there is no difference. There must be tools of control over the people and debt obligation becomes a moral duty of moral people to pay.

    And yet we must all choose a side and argue their virtues and down play their warts and live with the consequences of our choices and as a general rule we can only expect to be disappointed because their is no “perfect” solution. All politics is about the acquisition of power and the retention of power and much like love and war there are no rules. The peoples conversation perspective is based in morality, the entity government is amoral and has no morality so what happens to the people who inhabit government and get to possess and push the buttons of government? Morality is justifiably optional in order to retain power in pursuit of ensuring the continued existence of the social system that we live within.

    My point is really that although we must all “choose” a side and vote the real solutions are neither black nor white as they are presented and argued the real solutions are shades of gray that are always changing in a game that never ends. The people must choose wisely and that choice must be based on the founding philosophies of our founding documents, those documents are the counter balance to the nature of man as it relates to one mans power over another man, in other words Government.

  • Pzatchok

    My local paper yesterday actually had a front page article titled “Affordable Care Act has little to do with employment”

    In the article they actually try to hide the fact that real full time jobs are being lost and being replaced with more part time jobs.

    They tried to state that actual employment numbers are up but failed to point out that those very same numbers are not keeping up with the increase in our working population. Immigrants and births combined.

    Or that a huge amount of those people that Obama Care was supposed to cover are now in jobs that are exempt from needing insurance. And thus still not covered.

    Our Local dimocrap pulpit( the news paper) will do back flips to keep Dems looking good.

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