Obamacare could leave 2 million families without insurance

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Finding out what’s in it: Because of the way Obamacare is written, two million family members might not be able to get health insurance at affordable rates and will lose the insurance they presently have.

Essentially, the problem is this: Obamacare allows employers to offer insurance to their employees but not their families. However, because the employee has what Obamacare considers “affordable” health insurance in this situation, the employee cannot get any subsidies to pay for the cost of insurance for his or her spouse or children. Thus, the kids and spouse are left in the lurch.

But that’s okay. The Democrats and Obama care about you, even if the policies they force down our throats bankrupt us and ruin our lives. What matters is they care. And that of course means we must all blindly vote for them again and again and again until society falls apart (as it did in cities like Detroit).


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  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    And here in will lie the conundrum of the president being forced to take action related to this ISIS situation.
    (I do not believe that he is doing any of this because HE feels the needs to, it is a forced action driven by politics)


    He will try to play it safe (read vote present) and micro manage from the White House, being “smarter” than the people who really know how to get done what needs to be done. He has no other philosophy other than his Marxist / Alynski community organizing philosophy backing him up and he will tend to attempt to ride the razors edge with the echos of Viet Nam ringing in his 60’s radical head. This may cause a psychic split for our president and a disaster for all involved at the maximum or in the end just a BS PR operation at the minimum. I say that all of this talk is just telegraphing our moves to our enemy, you can decide whether it is conscious or unconscious.

    To help you decide whether the telegraphing is conscious or not I will ask this question to attempt to establish motivation: Why is Major Hassan’s murderous attack classified as a “work place violence incident” and not an act by a traitor and Jihadi that yelled “Alah Akbar” as he shot his victims? And a second question: Why is Major Hassan still drawing breath? And this is also a good question: Even if you disagreed with how we got to Iraq, was it a good idea to withdraw our force from the still unstable country and again telegraph to our enemy’s the date certain that we would be leaving? We all understand that the chaos that is unraveling the Middle East at the moment is a direct result of this presidents idealized actions related to the with drawl of force from the area. “ISIS is the JV league”? This was his assessment just a few weeks ago.

    I surmise that because the president is an “intellectual” he believes that all of this talk and explanation is healthy and good, the people need to know everything that we are about to do (and our enemy’s). Personally when someone talks too much in such a stress situation it is a sign of weakness. IMO a president in instances such as this ISIS one is hired to asses what needs to be done to ensure America’s power, sovereignty and treasure, take the action secretly with Congress’s consent (or not) that is required and then inform the public what was done after the fact, more or less. This president reacts he does not act in these kinds of circumstances.

    There is nothing more dangerous than a weak man pretending to be strong.

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