Obamacare forces Alaskan doctors to close their practices.

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Finding out what’s in it: “It is an unsustainable system.”

“Within the last month, Fairbanks has lost three other much respected physicians for the same or similar reasons,” Dr. Wennen wrote. ”I am not the first and certainly will not be the last of the exodus of physicians from active practice because of all of this.” Dr. Wennen is far from alone in his stark opposition to the health-care law. A recent survey from the Physicians Foundation found that 46 percent of doctors in the U.S. would give Obamacare a “D” or an “F,” the Washington Examiner reported.

But the Democrats care. They want to help. They aren’t mean like those Republicans and tea party conservatives, who simply predicted that these kinds of disasters would happen if Obamacare was passed.

The disasters are happening, and the people to blame for it are the Democrats in Congress and in the White House that pushed this monstrous law through without any negotiation or discussion. Think about that when you vote in November.



  • Blair Ivey

    If memory serves, the AMA was a vocal supporter of Obamacare. Not to say the physicians mentioned are members, but if they were in 2009/10, they are guilty by association.

  • I think the AMA situation was similar to that of AARP, where the leadership was for Obamacare but the members were not. No matter how much the membership complained and demanded that the leadership stop pushing for passage of the law, the leadership pushed on, certain in their knowledge that as the elite leadership, they knew better than the unwashed masses.

  • Cotour

    Sounds much like a parallel of the power structure in our own government today.

    On a related topic: http://www.politico.com/story/2014/09/lois-lerner-breaks-silence-irs-scandal-111181.html

    Lois Learner is defiant to the end and this apparent PR campaign that she is on demonstrates her willful and one dimensional perspective. She and her husband and her attorneys apparently believe that because of some good works in her past that they excuse her of her gross actions and the executive in charge that specifically targeted conservative organizations. She is attempting to change how people feel about her since that is how we seemingly make decisions in this world now. I have to believe reading her comments that she falls short of her goal.

  • Jake

    Ezekiel Emmanuel, the main architect of ObamaCare has the answer to all the problems with ObamaCare: Kill off the old people when the turn 75. It will save lots of money for the collective to use for better things.


  • Pzatchok

    As soon as a republican is elected to the presidency just watch the left start to complain about the lack of doctors all the while ignoring who brought it about.

    They will scream until the MSM starts to parrot them and then they will propose some law to force doctors into service.

    Then when we have a real doctor shortage due to no one going to medical school they will insist on full federal funding for doctors medical schooling.

    It will be the same for the homeless. Not a peep about it now, but a week after a republican is elected the screaming will start.

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