Obamacare forces small businesses to drop employee health benefits

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Finding out what’s in it: An IRS ruling from 2013, based on Obamacare and now going into effect, will force small businesses that offer alternatives to health insurances to drop those alternatives, or face hefty fines.

This ruling applies to businesses with fewer than 50 employees, who supposedly were going to be unaffected by Obamacare. Previously, they could offer their employees stipends to buy insurance themselves, as individuals. Obamacare bans this, requiring the business to either join Obamacare, which is too expensive, or face fines if they provide the stipends. So, the wonderful law that Obama and the Democrats passed instead leaves these workers with less than they had before.



  • Wayne

    This is me & my employer.
    My Company has about 40 people on the payroll & we all get paid an “extra” $3/hour to help us buy our own insurance. I don’t believe any of our employees qualify for a subsidy (I don’t) and only a few people are covered through their spouses insurance.
    We’ve been warned about this, but honestly I’m not sure what is going to happen.
    I pay a monthly amount for health insurance that is 1.5 X’s what my house-mortgage payment used to be, it’s unreal.
    (My wife died 3 years ago, if not for her life-insurance payout, my “middle-class lifestyle,” would have vanished under the weight of health-insurance by now.)

  • Edward

    If, without your stipend, health insurance is as unaffordable for you as it is for me, you may be joining me in my current scofflaw status.

    The silver lining is that we each would be saving the $2,500 per year that Obama promised.

    The cloud, of course, is that we would not be covered at all — not keeping the healthcare plan that we liked, as Obama promised we could.

    On the up-side, we are finding out what is in the bill.

    On the down-side, we are finding out what is in the bill. It is worse than we thought, in 2010.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QV7dDSgbaQ0 (1 minute)
    Now that we are in the future, are you feeling like it is a healthier America? Are you as very excited as Pelosi thought you would be? Then again, we did not need health insurance to control our diet. We do that on our own.

  • phillo

    The illegal immigrants and the welfare folk are happy! Just like Canada.

    Phill O

  • eddie willers

    I have yet to see a success story.

    Am I just going to the wrong websites?

  • “. . . leaves these workers with less than they had before.”

    Liberalism in a nutshell, example #37.

    When a health professional asks for my insurance, I tell them I’m self-insured. Bonus: I get 15% – 20% off the bill. So by not strictly adhering to the law, I’m better off than those the law purports to ‘help’. That doesn’t even make sense.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    I truly hope Chief Injustice Roberts has family screwed by Obamacare.

  • Wayne

    Unfortunately no– Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the Fed government are exempt from all provisions of socialized medicine.

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