Obamacare includes 171-word definition of menu

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Finding out what’s in it: The Food and Drug Administration has released its final regulations on how restaurants must write their menus as mandated by Obamacare.

The final guidance includes a 96-word definition of “combination meal” and a 163-word definition of “restaurant-type food.” The government also goes into when “Aunt Cora’s French toast breakfast” must have its calories listed and tells restaurants not to use plus or minus signs on their menus because they are too “confusing” to Americans.

But drawing the biggest criticism is the government’s definition of menu and strict rules for calorie labeling of toppings. The government considers a menu to be the “primary writing of the covered establishment from which a customer makes an order selection, including, but not limited to, breakfast, lunch and dinner menus; dessert menus; beverage menus, children’s menus, other specialty menus (such as catering), electronic menus, and menus on the Internet.” The full definition is 171 words. Merriam-Webster has a 12-word definition for menu.

The phrase “from which a customer makes an order selection” opened the door for coupons and advertisements to be included in the mandate. The FDA said calories must be listed on coupons if they have the restaurant’s phone number, and advertisements can be “considered a menu.”

There’s more at the link. Read it all to find out how deeply Obamacare is working to organize and regulate our lives.

But don’t worry. The same people who wrote the law are going to be running things after November. They will surely fix it!


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  • Ted

    A coupon can be a menu but a menu is not a coupon. Men are really women and women are really men. Black is the same as white. 2+ 2 = 3.175467 or 4, there will come a time when men call evil good and good evil. Many years ago the state of NY produced a video to show inmate who were cooks helps how to use a fork to split an English muffin before toasting. Somehow, somewhere we have been able to dumb down our citizens to the point where the government must show us where to pee, how to pee and what bathroom we can use. We can’t figure out what a $2.00 bill is in the school cafeteria and take the kid to jail.

    I am not sure if this is true but it has made the urban legend circuit for a long time…. A customer goes into a WalMart in Wet Virginia and loads up their shopping cart(s). The customer goes to the check out and hands the clerk a $1,000,000.00 bill. These were those comic funny bills that had Bill Clinton, or Geo Bush on the picture.

    The astute clerk realized that she did not have enough change in her drawer to handle the customers million dollar bill and calls her floor supervisor, who calls the store manager wanting to know how to handle the customer.

    As I said yesterday – ya can’t fix stupid (+/-)

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