Obamacare includes absurd regulations that will cost the vending machine industry millions.

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Finding out what’s in it: Obamacare includes absurd regulations that will cost the vending machine industry millions.

Around 457 pages into Obamcare, section 4205 stipulates “the vending machine operator shall provide a sign in close proximity to each article of food or the selection button that includes a clear and conspicuous statement disclosing the number of calories contained in the article.” This new mandate will cost the vending machine industry an estimated $25.8 million initially and an additional $24 million for every subsequent year.

Expect some companies to go out a business because of this craziness.



  • I often don’t use vending machines because I can’t read (some of) the packet before buying. I’m pretty sure vending machine owners know this, and simply don’t care to win my business. That’s their choice. It’s ridiculous that a law be passed to take it away.

  • Pzatchok

    But its all for your own good because so many people obviously think those candy bars are healthy simply because they come out of a vending machine.

  • Edward

    Those candy bars must be nutritious. They have nutrition information printed on their wrappers.

  • Pzatchok

    I bet if someone posited that question in a serious sounding research paper the nannies would start to quote it.
    Then try to come up with some way of informing those less educated than they are that just because it has nutritional information on it doesn’t mean its nutritional.

    Millions in government funding could be diverted into programs trying to find ways to make the package clearer to understand for the less educated.

    A person could make a living on crap like this. Oh wait. They do.

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