Obamacare increases are only going to get worse

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Finding out what’s in it: After Obamacare`s government help for insurance companies ends and consumers have bear the full cost of this monstrous law, the costs will skyrocket again.

By 2023, I estimate that the average family plan could be 61% more expensive than it is in 2015, with individual plans only one or two percentage points behind. These increases are so high that direct taxpayer subsidies to consumers are unlikely to keep up. So the cost, both financially and politically, will become increasingly intolerable.

Thank you Obama and the Democratic Party for bringing us this present. We couldn`t have done it without you!



  • pzatchok

    Sort of like the way collage costs keep just ahead of government subsidies.

    Another socialist idea disproven by a simple thing like human greed.

  • CVA100

    Does political malfeasance have a statute of limitation? If not, is there a provision allowing claw-backs exacted from decades of ex-politicians that sold our country out?

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    The enemy within: http://www.wnd.com/2015/07/exploding-muslim-immigration-overwhelms-fbi/

    Obama and whom ever supports or allows what ever he has done or will do to happen is complicit and should be seen as a traitor to the oath that they have taken. Right in every Americans face, in plain sight. Obamas top advisor is Valarie Jarrett, born in Shiraz Iran. Hillary Clinton’s top advisore / assistant is Huma Abadin, Muslim.

    SALEHA MAHMOOD ABEDIN, mother of Huma Ababin

    Mother of Huma Abedin and Hassan Abedin
    Longtime affiliate of the the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs
    Board member of the International Islamic Council for Dawa and Relief
    Director of the International Islamic Committee for Woman and Child
    Founding member of the Muslim Sisterhood, the women’s division of the Muslim Brotherhood

    Does no one / Democrat / Liberal see what is plain to see? Obama intends to finance Iran to the beginning tune of 150 BILLION dollars! Supply them with the technology to detect and repel IT attacks on its system! Ensures / no guarantees that Iran will have nukes within 10 years.

    The American people have created the means of their own destruction?

    Im insane?

  • Ron

    “Thank you Obama and the Democratic Party for bringing us this present. We couldn`t have done it without you!” We also WOULDN’T have done it without you

  • Cotour

    Unrelated but related:

    Donald Trump is not backing off of his insult to John McCain, and I say good for him. McCain, McConnell, Boehner, Prebis, and many of the rest of them badly need to be retired for the sake of our country and the future of every American. They are captives of a perverted system and are unable to do the work that the American people need them to do. Everyone should be outraged that they have allowed this president to go so far down the socialist / leftist road.


    Love him or loath him he says what needs to be said, what many of the American people are thinking, and he has no apology for anyone. And that is what this country needs. We will see where this all goes but I believe Trump is very serious this time and will become very hard to stop if he is able to keep this up until next year. There is only one Republican candidate that anyone is talking about and that is Trump. They are all waiting for him to either shoot himself in the foot (but it looks like he is wearing Kevlar boots) or they are waiting for someone to come forward with some damaging information about his business dealings.

    Love him or loath him it looks like he is serious and is in for the long haul. Comments?

  • D.K. Williams

    Perhaps there could be a separate forum for unrelated posts.

  • Cotour

    Its not “unrelated”, its Unrelated but Related. In other words, it is related. Politics is relevant to Obamacare and this story is about politics and about Obamacare. I would see your point if my comment was posted on a story about the sun, for example.

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