Obamacare is crushing small business with its cost and complexity

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Finding out what’s in it: Obamacare is costing small businesses thousands of dollars to fulfill its complex regulations that they didn’t have to spend beforehand.

The Affordable Care Act, which as of next Jan. 1 applies to all companies with 50 or more workers, requires owners to track staffers’ hours, absences and how much they spend on health insurance. Many small businesses don’t have the human resources departments or computer systems that large companies have, making it harder to handle the paperwork. On average, complying with the law costs small businesses more than $15,000 a year, according to a survey released a year ago by the National Small Business Association. “It’s a horrible hassle,” says Mete, managing partner of the Miami-based company.

And how are these small businesses paying for this? Either they have to raise prices, so that you the customer pay, or they

cut back on workers’ bonuses and raises. “[The employees] understand it didn’t emanate from us,” Patton says. “They’re just disappointed that $25,000 could have gone into a bonus pool.”

Obviously, it is Bush’s fault that this is happening! Who would dream of blaming the Democrats and Obama, even though they wrote this law and were the only ones who voted for it? If Bush hadn’t been President, they would never have done it! In fact, I am sure it is Reagan’s fault also!



  • D.K. Williams

    Another byproduct of this horrible law.

  • PeterF

    Americans aren’t as stupid as the current “political class” believes. They treat us as serfs at their own peril. As time goes by more and more people will begin to realize that the socialist utopia being created is at the “common man’s” expense and we will reject it as has a majority of the people in eastern Europe. There will come a time when socialism WILL be relegated to the ash heap of history, and the ACA advances that day.

    Americans always do the right thing. After having tried absolutely everything else first…

  • Cotour

    I just listened to an interview on a liberal radio station on the subject of the Republicans refusal to hear Loretta Lynches Attorney General arguments until a human trafficking bill that includes anti abortion language is taken care of. The person being interviewed expressed her outrage at the dishonesty of the Republicans for inserting such language hidden in this bill.

    (as an aside, the comments by the left about this hold up is the republicans are keeping her on the
    back of the bus” and giving it the traditional racial spin (she is black you know). I want someone to ask the people saying this to explain what bus she is on and tell us in what context they are saying this and why.)

    And then I thought, WHAT ABOUT THE ENTIRETY OF OBAMACARE? A paradigm shifting total lie told by all involved and especially the president himself and passed by only the Democrats. And to ad insult to injury the famous and enraging words of the then deranged speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi “you have to pass the bill before you can know whats in the bill”. Those moronic words alone IMO is the foundation to repeal the entire thing.

    This is OK because the Liberal Democrats are of course more “right” and compassionate then the Republicans and of course they have selective memory to suit their own public narrative agenda.

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