Obamacare might well be imploding.

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Obamacare might well be imploding.

In other words, the elites in Washington might have signed a corrupt budget deal, but meanwhile the cause of the shutdown, Obamacare, continues to show itself to be an abject failure, justifying the efforts of the more honest Republicans to try to stop it.

The Democrats endorsed this law again during the budget standoff. Had they be willing to even consider minor changes the shutdown could have been averted. Instead, they stood firm as a party, supporting this unworkable law, as it stands.


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  • Cotour

    Time must pass to get a proper perspective on Obamacare, and, the Republicans put up some kind of fight to challenge it, all be it possibly just a symbolic challenge destined to fail.

    Lets consider the time between now and the 2014 elections figuring in the real world effects of Obamacare. The Democrat “win” related to what just went on in Washington may be very short lived.

  • Garry

    I hope that during its collapse it doesn’t take down the insurance industry with it. I’ve always suspected that the overarching goal of Obamacare is to destroy the private insurance system, so that we can go to single-payer healthcare. I hope I’m wrong.

  • Cotour

    You answer your own question, the goal of Obamacare is to eliminate private insurance. My big picture belief is that through these contortions and conflicts there in the end will be created a system that is based in the market and the market is PROPERLY regulated by the government and individuals control their healthcare.

    This may be a un realized dream however, the government and the people who inhabit it are always a threat to the peoples freedom, Obamacare / whom ever controls how, when where and by who you get your healthcare is the ultimate controlling mechanism as it relates to the individual. Both the establishment Democrats and Republicans always are conspiring to “control” the people. Its the nature of the beast, our only hope is for a strong, Constitutionally based conservative that can properly communicate and at the same time not shoot himself and the Constitution in the foot.

  • wodun

    When people discover they cannot afford surgeries and other trips to the doctor even with insurance maybe the public’s perspective will change.

  • Pzatchok

    It was the insurance industry that proposed and wrote most of the real workings of the bill. The Dems obviously added their own twist and pork.
    All Obama care is is a way to sell more private insurance to people who didn’t want it in the first place.

    It was sold to the Dems as a way to cover the uninsured but when the final deal was written by the Dems those very same people are NOT covered by private insurance as much as insurance paid for by the government.
    And if they couldn’t get that because they were not even working then they are placed on the medicare/medicaid system.

    The only mistake made in this whole move was that the insurance industry didn’t realize just who they were getting into business with. If the industry doesn’t do exactly as the Dems want the Dems will just pass a law taking control of their industry one little piece at a time.
    Just look at the new controls they have placed on the industry with this new law. Forced acceptance of pre-existing conditions, and the forced coverage of young adults on their parents policy until 26.
    Wait until price controls are implemented. And they WILL be implemented.
    And during this whole decades long move the “people” will support them because they will be told its for their own good.

  • Edward

    A changed public perspective may have less influence that you may think. The ACA was passed even though more people opposed it than supported it. More people oppose it now, with this latest debacle to slow it down, yet it still is in place and going ahead.

    Public opinion has little influence right now, and it will be three more years before there is a chance of having a president who is willing to sign any bills that will make a significant difference.

  • Garry

    Don’t forget the provision that insurance companies must spend a certain percent (80%? 90%?) of their revenues on healthcare, limiting how much they can spend on overhead/ how much profit they can realize. Some people have gotten refunds back from the insurance companies so that they can comply with this provision. Classic progressive move, reinforce the notion that profit is evil, and take away the incentive to stay In business.

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