Obamacare requirements to employers arrive in 2015

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Finding out what’s in it: Beginning in 2015 employers of more than fifty employees will begin to pay penalties if they do not provide healthcare in precisely the amount and quality as required by Obamacare.

I challenge anyone who reads the article above to tell me exactly what those Obamacare requirements are. They are so complicated and obtuse that no one can easily decipher them. In other words, employers are going to be under increasing pressure — pressure they have already been under for the past four years — to reduce their workforce below 50 to avoid Obamacare.

Should do wonders for the economy, eh?



  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    In academia, no one is sure how to calculate course loads to keep adjunct faculty under 30 hours either.

  • ted

    Harvard’s brilliant ivory tower economists and public policy wonks know precisely how to fix the world… as long as said fix never applies to them.


  • Edward

    I would say that what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander, but the gander has it so much easier. The Harvard professors’s plan is at least four times better than the plans that they “advised presidents and Congress on how to provide,” the only plans that We the Rabble can now get out in the real world, away from their ivory towers and privileged healthcare plans. Maybe next time they will advise the government a little better. (I doubt it, too.)

    However, they seem to only now be discovering that if they like their plan they can’t keep their plan. (It seems that the president thought that the “apostrophe-t” was silent, all those times that he said that phrase. Kind of like his pronunciation of “corpse-man.”) Plus, those professors who like their doctors are willing to give up their doctors so that they pay even less than 1/4 of what the rest of us pay.

    Hmm… what is the definition of greed, again? A desire to have more than one’s share? In this case, they desire to pay less than their share.

    So, if the highly educated, super smart, elite, Harvard professorial intelligentsia didn’t see this coming, just how smart can they be? Apparently, they didn’t read the bill even after Pelosi, et al., passed it. Did they forget Pericles’s advice? “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.” Perhaps they mistook Pelosi and her cronies for friends.

    I weep at the plight of those poor, poor professors; not for them, but for the rest of us, who don’t have it as good.

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