Obamacare tax mess

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Finding out what’s in it: The Obama administration is considering issuing more waivers to Obamacare in order to avoid a backlash for enforcing the law.

Timothy S. Jost, an expert on health law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law who supports the Affordable Care Act, said: “It will be very easy to find people who are unhappy with the new tax obligations — people who have to pay a penalty, who have to wait forever to get through to somebody at the I.R.S. or have to pay back a lot of money because of overpayments of premium tax credits.”

That the Obama administration has no legal authority to simply waive portions of the law is a fact that seems to escape the notice of the administration, the experts quoted in the article, and the reporter himself. Who cares if the law is abandoned if they can back up this unlawful President in his effort to save himself and his Democratic Party from the disaster they forced upon us all?


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  • Max

    Did somewhere in the thousands of pages of the “affordable care act” did the ruling Democrats give their lawmaking powers to the president? This would make Congress irrelevant and they should be disbanded. If the Republicans let that Obama changes stand without challenge, then they are in agreement. And should be disbanded.
    It appears you don’t have to worry about the Democrats, the Republicans will reach across the aisle to save them. What good is a progressive right arm without the progressive left?
    The Republicans aren’t going to repeal the ACA, they’re going to fix it, modify it and own it.
    Resistance is futile…

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