Obamacare: The worst is yet to come.

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Obamacare: The worst is yet to come.

Thank god the Democrats are standing up for this law!



  • Kelly Starks

    Its bizarre. It was obvious that Obamacare couldn’t work, and given how wildly unpopular it was – it was really obvious the democrats would pay a heavy price for pushing it, I never thought the dems would vote for it. The fact they knowingly fell on their swords for this program stunned me. They had to know the political commercials would come with the children who died for want of the insurance and healthcare Obamacare ended?

    Even given all that, I NEVER could have guessed they could execute this program so unbelievably badly. From a $1B spent on a web site that should have cost $10M, and then have it complete pile of caustic code, massive security threats to the gov and personal financial accounts, no forethought on how to respond to the problems, Obama not bothering to keep in touch with the program development teams and just waving off laws like they ment nothing… (I can’t think of anything done as politically tone deaf since a certain girl of court said let them eat cake.)

    And this should keep getting worse and worse for .. a year? more?

    This isn’t just politicians sacrificing themselves for a big gov program the dems long dreamed of, its a suicide pack of the democratic party!!.

  • Cotour

    Hubris combined with the mistaken interpretation that B. Obama and the anomalous power shift to the left was a mandate from the people of America for such extreme changes left is the Democrats fatal misinterpretation that may well destroy the extreme liberal component of the party. The same thing is happening in NYC right now, if you listen to the mayor elect you would believe that the people of NYC were hell bent on a full blown Marxist commune type city operation.

    Both of these interpretations were / are wrong, they are applying something I call delusional self serving logic. The push left in Obamas case comes from the push back to the abuses of power by G. Bush jr., and the election of Mr. Deblasio is the push back to the 12 years of power abuses of Michael Bloomberg (remember how he was able to convieniently change the city council maximum 2 terms city law to 3 terms? 20 or 30 billion will do that. And remember it cost him about 100 million to win that third term and he only won by about 4.5 %)

    The Democrats have been co-opted by the most extreme left of their party who truly believes their own BS PR that America is some kind of socialist / Marxist incubator and their utopian egg is about to hatch.

    The push back right needs to be towards a Constitutionally based candidate not an ideologue that believes their own BS PR.

  • Edward

    We let a bunch of people (a “central committee” as it were) who don’t understand even basic economics take charge of our complex economic system — healthcare being a major part of our economic system.

  • Kelly Starks

    Basically zelots who couldn’t believe reality didn’t fit their preconceptions – so no mater how often experts told them they weer rushing off a cliff they just laughed them off?

    Fits. Companies working on the web site reported that repeatedly they warned they wern’t going to meet the schedule and it wasn’t working. The political apointees adn White House folks just kept telling them to make it work and make the due date. nothing could get through to them.

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