Obamacare vs. the Catholics

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Religious liberty is such an inconvenient thing: Obamacare vs. the Catholics.

And then there’s this: An affront Catholics agree on.

And this: The Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of North and Central America has announced its unanimous support of the Catholic Church and opposition to the Obama Administration over the new Obamacare regulations.

My question is this: if Obama should back down before the election and cancel these odious regulations, will the liberal church leaders forget the whole thing and support him again, or will they finally wake up and see him for what he is: an arrogant power-hungry politician eager to force his will on everyone, regardless of their beliefs?


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  • i enjoyed the discussion of this issue on meet the press yesterday . while it is easy to say the government can’t make an organization go against its own religious beliefs , we all have to admit there must be some limit to using religious freedom as justification for organizations opposing laws created by governments – like a cult can’t say they are allowed to kill people or deal drugs in schools… you know what i mean there’s some limit . my point is there is a balance we all need to agree on . the tricky political part here is keeping the argument about religious freedom and not about contraception , but they are tangled up in this case . if republicans can make it more about religious freedom (which most people support) they will do better , if democrats can make it more about contraception (which most people support) they will do better

  • o yeh my answer to you question is i don’t think the administration will back down , if they do it will be some kind of compromise what are the odds of that happening anytime soon?

  • JGL

    Dear Walter,

    This is an email I wrote to some friends the other day, I share it with you. This overt action by the president has deep meaning that goes to the foundation of the structure of our country, when the president says he wants to change America, he means it.

    Im listening to the Larry Kudlow show on Saturday morning (770am) and he asks:


    ” Why is the Obama administration attacking religious freedom by not granting wavers to Obamacare, like he has granted to 1500 or so unions and businesses he favors, to religious organizations?”

    (I have to assume that he asks this question, who’s answer seems obvious to me, in order to create irate callers to call his show.)

    The answer:

    In order to further install the socialist, “E.U.topian” model in America, the very specifically, Constitutionally created wall between the government and religion must be destroyed.

    I understand the socialist, political, ideological and strategic logic behind these actions, the wall specifically created by the founders between government and religion must be torn down in order to hollow out the document which creates the “management” of the people through presidential executive order.

    There is a word for this kind of action, it begins with a T and ends in a Y.

    This constant erosion and attack on the Constitution must be recognized and called what it is by the media, the people and their politicians.

    Three points:

    1. When in doubt about our country and our Constitution always default to the founders, they truely knew best.

    2. In the coming election, part of the strategy will be to confuse, if you are confused ask yourself this simple question:

    Q: Do I want my country to become more socialist?

    If your answer is yes then you know which way to vote, if you reject and find offensive that idea then you must vote against these efforts. Thats how simple this will be, don’t over think the issue and don’t be confused.

    3. The Constitution, its framework and the amendments to it, especially the first amendment are non-negotiable !

  • i heard there are waivers to churches for this thing . i heard that if a church wants to run a health insurance company the health insurance company doesn’t get a waiver . I don’t know this for sure but that makes sense to me . i heard someone awesome once say the fact that america seperates church from state has caused people to take the church more seriously (since we all know the government is full of s***) , in england the church is more a part of the state so people don’t take the church very seriously . anyway you have to acknowledge what I said in the earlier post about there must be some limit to religious freedom .

    i don’t agree that the founders always know best , it is like you are making them into superhuman gods or something . the founders would have not allowed amendments to the constitution if they agreed with that perspective . i think the founders wanted us to use our brains and decide the best path for ourselves . the word socialist has so many negative attachments to it in america , even if I believed in socialism I would make up a new word for it (like cold fusion researchers naming thier field low-energy-nuclear-reactions L.E.N.R.) .

    i guess i’m anti-libritarian in that I think the winners in society would have a better quality of life if the losers in society didn’t suffer as much . I could appeal to justice or jesus or something for this stance but I belive this for practical reasons . the masses must be satiated . the government isn’t shoving birth control pills down any women’s throat , if a religion was really true and powerful , women should believe in it and not consider this option that is being provided under this law . or do you think we need the government to help enforce religious values? how is that for twisted logic?

  • JGL

    The nature of man is to abuse power, in all of its forms, especially when it comes to one mans power over another (government).

    That is what the founders well understood, they were not supermen, they were men (many were exceptional) who found themselves in a unique time and place, they

    understood history related to the nature of man and they lived closer to reality then we do today and that is why when in doubt you always default to their thoughts and


    You never default judgement on questions related to basic Constitutional concepts to a modern career politician. NEVER.

    Understand that our Constitution is very unique and it recognizes the liberty of the individual over and seperate from the government which is a neccassary evil.

    (Be assured, governemt is an evil.)

    This is unique on the planet, it is from where our personal freedom, dominating power and economic strength is derrived.

    There are people, you being one of them who do not understand these basic foundation concepts and you further do not understand that they are not to be drastically played

    with if you don’t want them to go away.

    However if you are a career, modern politician you may well beleive that you know better and you may well think it a good idea that the basic Constitutional concepts do go


    There is a word associated with such thoughts and actions, I call that TRANNY.

  • jgl

    Not TRANNY, TYRANNY of course.

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