Obamacare, where the liberal dream crashes and burns.

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Obamacare, where the liberal dream crashes and burns.

The botched website was an unforced catastrophe. But that’s not the real problem with Obamacare. The real problem, as dozens of thoughtful commentators have concluded, is the law itself. Obamacare is a massive policy experiment that seeks to remake one-sixth of the U.S. economy – a body that’s so fantastically complex, with so many players and so many moving parts, that nobody can possibly understand how they all interact. Tweak one part, and other parts will behave in unpredictable ways. Pull on a thread and half the sweater may unravel. Even Max Baucus, the Democratic Senate finance chairman, has warned that implementing a law so complicated could be a “train wreck.”

Generally, the way leftists and liberals have succeeded in gaining power is to work incrementally, in very small steps. This way, the link between their actions and the problems those actions have caused is easily hidden. They can then point to these new problems and demand another small incremental increase in their control and power in order to solve those problems, which in turn causes new problems that they can then use to justify another incremental step. And so forth.

Obamacare, however, broke this pattern. Rather than being incremental, it tried to do it all in one big massive attack. The result is that the policy is very clearly the cause of the disaster, the left can’t hide it, and their entire agenda for the past century now stands exposed as the fraud it is. The only way I can see them surviving this disaster is to try to seize power illegally, another typical leftwing technique that they use often when reality starts to go against them.



  • Cotour

    Good points, I hadn’t thought of liberalism in the context as only functionally viable in small doses and needing the counter balance of a more conservative sustaining philosophy to survive within. The power anomaly that they have experienced may really be their undoing. They will say no, like Debbie Wasserman Shultz and others say ” Democrats will be running on Obamacare in 2014″.

    I will believe that when I see it, they are chugging the Kool Aid and its must be spiked with Jack Daniels for them to truly believe that.

  • Cotour

    B. Obama:

    “So if you’re a student body president, set up a conference on campus … If you’re a bartender, have a happy hour … Post something on your Facebook or Instagram.”

    This is lame and desperate for the president of the United States of America do lower himself to such a point. LAME, but this is what you do when you are a community organizer. In desperate times you go to ground, once a community organizer always a community organizer. Pathetic.

    But I do believe that the battle will in the end create the real solution. The both party’s both need and deserve each other.

  • mpthompson

    I’ve become disillusioned with my fellow Americans. I surely thought people would see through Obama and his lies and divisiveness in 2012 and choose not to return him to the White House. I disagreed with Romney on a lot of matters, but I thought he was a decent person. And we need decent people in leadership positions.

    However, I no longer believe people will wake up. The left is taking bigger, bolder steps not out of miscalculation, but simply because they can. They are not held accountable to their failures. I sincerely doubt they ever will be. Politics has simply become a masive power grab where the timid, cautious and those showing any self-restraint are the losers.

    I would like to think the ’14 midterms will be a referendum on the power grab by the left, but i fear the American voters will again foolishly reward those who are leading us down the primrose path to the ultimate demise of this once great country.

    I would like to think the solution was as simple as voting the Democrats out. However the GOP has repeatedly demonstrated that it will not t live up to the reteric of smaller, more limited government. Without a real opposition party, we’re screwed.

  • “The only way I can see them surviving this disaster is to try to seize power illegally, another typical leftwing technique that they use often when reality starts to go against them.”

    This is already happening. Counsel for the Oregon state legislature has ruled that the extension of ‘sub-par’ insurance plans to 2014 is illegal. The problem with administrative law is that there are no criminal consequences. Obama’s decree that insurers ignore the provisions of Obamacare are clearly a violation of the separation of powers.

    History has already shown us what is going to happen. Rough times ahead.

  • Pzatchok

    The democrats made an error.
    They believed they finally had an actual physical majority of the people on their side.
    They thought they had reached the tipping point that they had dreamed of and that conservatives were finally in the minority and they could never regain the majority and would thus now always be on the decline numerically. The conservatives would never be able to regain power.

    They have forgotten that political philosophy is not like skin color. It can change. And in most cases people are not tied completely into one parties or anothers philosophy. They might even think they are mostly in one party but when they stand back and self assess their view points honestly they are more in alignment with another party.

    They forgot that as their ideas were implemented and the failures finally can out that the people would change their minds and swing the other way politically.
    They forgot they could be voted out and voted out in huge numbers.

    In their misguided exuberance at finally gaining the majority of peoples hearts they tried to take total power and ignore the other side. They stretched and bent the laws to their wishes and forgot that the other side could one day regain power and use those very same expanded powers against them in the very way they used them against their opponents.

    They forgot that the republicans might one day regain power and use those very same expanded rules and broken laws against them.

    Their next desperate attempt after the ’14 elections will be to allow the Big O to run for a third term.
    Before that will be ever increased pressure on conservative PACs.

    In a democracy never give yourself more power than your willing to give your opponents.

    They have made the biggest political error anyone can make and their only way back is with the help of their cover people the liberal news networks.

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