Obamacare will destroy our members’ health insurance, cry the unions.

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Finding out what’s in it: Obamacare will destroy our members’ health insurance, cry the unions.

The key question the author asks:

What surprises me about this is that union leaders are pretty strategic when it comes to employee benefits. It was obvious in 2009 that Obamacare’s employer mandate would incentivize this shift. Why didn’t labor unions fight it back then?

The answer to that question is summed up in two words: blind partisanship. For the last two decades these unions have been hand-in-glove Democratic operatives. If the Democrats said “Jump!” the unions asked “How high?” If they had used just a little bit of brain power back in 2010 — as conservatives and tea party activists did — they would have seen how terrible Obamacare is and would have opposed it.

The real question is this: Will they now support Republicans who are trying to stop and repeal Obamacare? Or will the unions continue to be blindly partisan when it comes to elections? Sadly, I think they will continue to be blindly partisan.

Posted as we approach the Texas border.


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