“Obama’s 3-Part Benghazi strategy: Lie, lie, and lie again.”

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“Obama’s 3-Part Benghazi strategy: Lie, lie, and lie again.”

I haven’t posted much on Benghazi, but even a nonchalant read of the subject reveals the same pattern of blatant lies from the Obama administration as we saw with his promise that “If you like your healthplan you can keep it.” Why anyone with any intelligence trusts anything this administration says is beyond me.



  • Kelly Starks

    The administration no the other hand can’t figure why the serfs won’t just accept the lies and not worry their pretty little heads over them.

  • Publius 2

    This president and his people take lying to a new plateau. How anyone could meet with the families of the four men killed in Benghazi, look them in the eye and lie to them betrays a ruthlessness and mendaciousness hitherto unseen in American politics — except for the Clintons. But then, Hillary was one of the driving forces behind this disgusting scandal. They continue to lie to our faces, yet the Speaker of the House today, while denouncing the administration’s behavior, still neglected to take the one action that could expose the lies once and for all: convening a select committee to investigate the incident. He has no political courage and by his inaction must be removed from office as well.

  • Joe

    Were not the Clinton’s also involved in another scandal where lying led to an impeachment?

  • John M. Egan

    Our weak leaders: Obama & his foreign policy, & John Boehner Is it any wonder our allies are fearful of relying on us?

  • Kelly Starks


  • Kelly Starks

    Obviously your all just racists.


  • DK Williams

    Ayn Rand was prescient.

  • Kelly Starks


  • Chris L

    The fact that the people in charge chose to use Atlas Shrugged as a operations manual and not a warning kinda helps.

  • Kelly Starks


    Yeah, they probably read the book, but were upset that the evil individualists won over the noble collectivists.

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