Obama’s proposal to avoid sequestration would increase spending 55 percent over the next decade.

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The day of reckoning looms: Obama’s proposal to avoid sequestration would increase spending 55 percent over the next decade.

I can’t understand how is it that anyone takes anything this guy says seriously.



  • Chris Kirkendall

    Unbelievable – where does he think all this extra money is going to come from?? He knows darn well the tax hike on higher incomes will only generate a tiny fraction of what’s needed to balance the budget, yet he’s not only NOT willing to cut any spending, now he’s talking about major increases. But Socialists NEVER think they take enough taxpayer money – they see income earners & businesses as an endless fount of $$. They really believe ALL money is THEIRS, and whatever you end up with after they get first claim is their perogative. We are already in a dire financial situation, and adding additional spending at this point is just suicidal…

    In a related aspect of the spending/taxing struggle, many of us are not particularly happy with Boehner’s approach to negotiating a deal with Obama, but in his defense, how do you deal with a guy who has no concept of compromise? His only approach is “You have to drop all objections to my plan & agree with me”. Some may have seen this news report – in a private meeting with Obama, Boehner pointed out he was offering over $800 Billion in revenue from higher tax rates & eliminating certain exemptions, and asked Obama what he was willing to give in return. Obama replied, “You get NOTHING – I get that for FREE”. Well, Merry Christmas to you, too – that was not only an arrogant reply, but it virtually guarantees there’ll be no deal. I think Obama wants to go off the fiscal cliff so he can blame Republicans for it. In fact, he said as much in private to Boehner, told him he was going to use the State of the Union address to blame Repubs if there’s no deal – and it’s quite obvious he doesn’t want a deal, unless every single one of his demands is met. Well, we elected a Chicago thug politician, so why should we be surprised?

  • joe

    the media will never tell you any of this, they are socialists from the start who have always hated the goose that tries to lay golden eggs! They do veiw the u.s. citizens as subjects and love socialist programs that do indeed take americans down the road of servitude, that socialism does not work any where else inthe world where it is tried matters not to them they believe that they can do it better. If the fed did increase the interest rates, it would probably addto the federal debt much quicker than it is now and crash the monetary system that much faster, this will affect retirement plans,401k’s and roth ira’s and a variety of other retirement vehicles to the point where there will be no retirment!

  • On the positive side, if you can call it that, we will accelerate the exportation of our inflation to Red China. (And yes, as long as the Communists are in power, they should be called that.)

  • wodun

    Any agreement with Obama will be less cuts than sequestration. Obama claims he doesn’t want taxes on everyone to go up but his word is worthless at this point.

    The best Republicans can do is let sequestration take place but pass an extension of the Bush tax cuts for the bottom 4 brackets. They could tack on a permanent fix to the death tax but they have to be careful about what they add to it because the Democrats would only go for the bare minimum.

    It is crazy that the default position of the media is supporting Obama in preventing any meaningful cuts and in some cases even embracing spending increases. The fiscal cliff is about getting our debt in order not preventing spending cuts.

    They keep demonizing Republicans on what they want to cut. Well, what do Democrats want to cut?

    Any proposal that cuts less than $500b a year, not over ten years, is not serious and should be ridiculed.

  • Pzatchok

    The democrats ultimate goal this time around is to kill the republicans. They can see they have the backing of the MSM.
    They can do anything and the MSM will find a way to blame it on the Republicans or the Tea Party influence inside the Republican party.

    The Republican party at this point needs to give in to their will nut has to do it the right way.
    They need to, as a group, agree to anything the president proposes.

    Raising the taxes on the super rich is just a political ploy. Unless they actually change the deductions they can raise the taxes all they want and the real rich will just hide more of their income. In fact it will only result in less taxes coming in because of it. Let it happen.
    If they change the deductions the Democrats will only kill their own incomes and their own parties golden goose.

  • wodun

    Yup, its all about the midterms.

  • Jim

    I agree… best to take sequestration. I would add that any agreement with Republicans also means less in cuts than sequestration- they are against the $600B in defense cuts as much as the Democrats do not like the $600B in non-defense cuts. The sequestration is what Republicans have been calling for during the past few years…about as much as possible to be cut right now. And then a tax increase for only 2% of the population. A clear Republican victory if you are willing to live by the Stones credo of you can’t always get what you want. And no one always gets everything that they want.

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