Obama’s war on religious liberty

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Obama’s war on religious liberty.

I would simply say that this is a war on liberty. You take away someone’s freedom to pray or practice their religion as they wish, you also take away their liberty. And if you can take their liberty, you can take anyone’s. For those who like the idea of forcing every insurance company and private institution to provide contraceptives, remember, if this administration gains that power, future administrations will have that power as well. And there is no guarantee that those future administrations will impose policies you agree with. To paraphase an old quote, “First they came for the Catholics, and I did nothing, because I wasn’t a Catholic…”



  • Kelly Starks

    Hey folks rolled over no teir liberty to get the health care they choose (among a lot of other things) so having the ability to choose no just religious groups seems rather trivial in comparison. Its the general rolling over why Obama takes rights that should be the big hot button.

  • You sure seem like a smart man, til I think it through. Assault on religion is it? Religion that teaches it’s’ man’s free will causing the suffering of the small and the helpless, the poor and the oppressed, those in need of a doctor in order to make this life more livable and just. It is religion that would turn it’s back on this suffering and say it’s
    God’s plan and we are not allowed to doubt or see the works of God as in time all will be revealed.

    It’s the proponents of the superiority of religion(s) over the universal law that men should love and reach out a hand to their brothers and sisters, that raise up in ire when we simply seek to uniformly apply the law to all employers, even when it is men or women, claiming the sole authority for interpreting and following the dictates of their ‘religions’ even when they do something secular like hire another person who is not of their religion, does not share their beliefs (by the way why are religions hiring people who do not belong to the religion and share in it’s beliefs if the first place if the proponents of the religion really does care enough about all this to begin with) and it is the likes of these works of these men and women that would promote, encourage and even require the birth of countless children condemned to live a short while, suffer a great deal, never know a full stomach, always know the hunger, always hurt and need health care and love and affection from his fellow man, but instead, gets to suffer and die only with the solace that God is a great mystery and all will be revealed, and, after all, it is man that is the cause of this suffering, not God.

    So I say let’s give thanks to Obama and his administration, simply humans one and all, for at least trying to apply a humanitarian law equally to each and every health insurance policy and each and every employer (they are all run by men), unless each such employer wants to limit hiring to only the followers of it’s religious teachings.

    It’s time we stop the reactionary slapping of Obama and his aides every time one of them trys to help the world by envisioning a way to diminish human suffering.


  • JGL

    All that being said, you have to make a conscious, critical decision related to the established system that we Americans live under.

    Do you believe in the tentents of the Constitution as layed out by the founders or don’t you?

    Do you find their findings and writings inconsequential and of no value, to be discarded on an emotional whim?

    The Constitution is not a document based on principles of compassion and emotion, the Constitution is based on the founders first hand understanding of the depraved and

    tyrannical nature of man. The Constitution is designed to counter act the depraved and tyrannical nature of man.

    (it is not to be screwed with, especially by any modern politician)

    The first item that the founders dealt with in the amendments to the Consitution was what?

    Freedom of speech, freedom of association and FREEDOM OF RELIGION !

    (Why did the Pilgrims come to America? Freedom from religious persecution. Its like a theme, people want to be free from other people telling them what they should believe,

    it is a basic right in America that can not be taken away by the government.)

    That means that besides any feelings of compassion or commercial accomodation that may be present in any issue, the government may not compell any citizen or bomified

    religious organization to act in such a manner against the reasonable tenents of their belief system.

    There has been specifically created a wall between the government and the individual, and this, if you believe in the tentents of the Consitution, must not be breached.

    If this is allowed to stand then we no longer live under the Constitution as it was written by the founders. (they knew better than we and any modern politician)

    So you and the rest of the American people must decide:

    Do I want to live under the American Constitution as it was written by the founders who knew better than we?


    Do I want to live under a hollowed out American Constitution based on emotionalisim and socialist principles written by a modern politician?

    Choose wisely.

  • John M. Egan

    How do you diminish human suffering by fostering abortion? Pregnancy is not a disease. What’s next- legalizing suicide so others don’t have to suffer? From your statement it appears you really don’t care that our First Amendment is under attack. If we don’t protect our freedoms who will?

  • Jim

    Well said, John Bush. I have not heard many people say it was an assault on religion when Mormons were forbidden by law to practice their conscience (polygamy). And lets face it, through the ages there have been many things that religion was wrong about anyway- slavery, genocide, rights of women, etc. They clearly don’t always get it right, and that is every religion.

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