October 24, 2016 Midnight Ocean Zimmerman appearance

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Embedded below the fold. I spent three hours talking with host Jeff Norton about space, UFOs, climate change, and freedom.


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  • Cotour

    The evidence is formerly coming out little by little that there are certainly things that exist and are operating within earths atmosphere that WE HAVE NO IDEA AS TO WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE, OR ARE DOING, NOR THE TECHNOLOGY THAT THEY ARE UTILIZING.


    “Flying” technology operating well beyond our fairly well known human technological abilities, is what? To properly answer that question we may have to think very differently about what we think we understand about the universe itself and human existence as it relates to it.

    And at this point in time the government has no formal scientific answer to offer to the general public. That being said they probably have additional information, which is more than likely not digestible and would be much too destabilizing? These newest released and verified Navy videos are being let be known not for no reason. What will the next video depict?

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