October 31, 2017 Zimmerman/Batchelor podcast

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Embedded in two parts below the fold.



  • wayne

    Mr. Z.;
    Especially enjoyed the brief ‘behind-the-scene’ snippet in the intro for the 2nd clip!

    >There must be a fun story (or two,) on how you and JB do your segments.

    Have you ever had a chance to do anything in-studio with JB? (I realize its cross-country and all.)

    And… when is C-Span Book TV, going to cover your new book!! (Whoops, they only do non-fiction.)
    Any Author-Events at local/regional bookstores, on the horizon!?
    How ’bout a limited-edition print version? (or even better… the Graphic Novel.)

  • Wayne: I was surprised by the intro. It was very clever, and I will thank John and his audio maven Nick for doing it.

    I have done one in-studio appearance with Batchelor, many years ago.

    As for Pioneer, for there to be appearances and book deals and even a graphic novel, I need to sell a lot more books. That gets the right attention.

  • wayne

    Great stuff– highly enjoy any behind-the-scene snippets. ( Makes it more real in a way.)

    “Meet comic book artist & author Paul Rivoche”
    (he did the graphic version of Amity Schlaes “The Forgotten Man.”)

    I actually knew some people who bought the comic book right’s to Robert Anton Wilson’s Illuminati Trilogy in the late ’80’s. They were 3 whacky, pagan, capitalist, new-age dopers, for the most part. (Bing Bang Theory gone bad types.) It was more than they could handle long-term (and the market for Indie Titles had collapsed in general at the time) but they did produce 3 issues. (10K print-runs, they sold maybe 1/3.)

    If I was 30 years younger, I’d jump on Pioneer, https://behindtheblack.com/books/pioneer/
    There’s still good money in small high-quality niche publishing. (I buy a lot of reprint/compilation material from obscure publishers with miniscule print-runs.)

  • John Conyers

    National Geographic Magazine has become nothing more than a global warming scare rag in the last decade. My father finally canceled his subscription 7 years ago. A very sad day, because I grew up learning from that magazine and the wonderful photos. It is now, like many publications, a propaganda piece for the left.

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