Off to Israel

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I am about to leave on a ten day trip to Israel, which is why I have not commented yet on the Trump budget [pdf] and how it effects NASA and science.

The links above will give you a chance to form your own opinions, and to comment here. I will absorb them myself and post on the subject at some time I think during the trip, though in truth it generally doesn’t matter that much what a president proposes in his budget. Congress makes the decision, and usually ignores the president’s suggestions, especially if such ideas threaten their pork.



  • Frank

    Shalom my friend

  • Localfluff

    An Israeli reporter, Zvi Yehezkeli, has made a documentary by travelling to Germany and France with fake ID claiming to be a Syrian muslim. The German bureaucrat handling his case is himself an immigrated islamist who explains how he can cheat the laws to smuggle his alleged family to Germany too, and wishes that Abbas is murdered soon because he isn’t radical enough an islamist. This is the public policy of the Islamic State of Germany in action today.

    Are Israelis aware that Western Europe now is an islamic state? Are they worried that the islamic nuclear powers of UK and France will nuke Israel any day now?

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