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Officials in Detroit refuse to certify election results

UPDATE: Shortly thereafter, the Republicans on this board caved, and reversed their vote, thus certifying the election in Wayne County.

They didn’t do it because the issues raised were solved, but because of personal threats and attacks by Democrats against the two Republicans.

And I am supposed to trust these results? Not a chance in hell. If nothing is done, I and millions of others will believe this election was stolen. And that will not be good for the future of America, or the world.

Original post:
The board that supervises the election in Wayne County, Michigan, which includes the city of Detroit, has refused to certify the election results, splitting 2-2 along party lines.

The decision came after absentee ballot poll books at 70% of Detroit’s 134 absentee counting boards were found to be out of balance without explanation. The mismatches varied anywhere from one to more than four votes.

In August, canvassers found 72% of Detroit’s absentee voting precincts didn’t match the number of ballots cast. The imbalances between August and November are not an exact comparison since August’s canvassing was based on results from 503 precincts and November’s canvassing was based on 134 counting boards.

More Republican officials have to do this, demanding that the election issues be fixed or they will not accept the results.

It is fascinating in reading the article how uninterested the Democratic Party politicians in Detroit are in addressing these concerns. You would almost think they are aware the vote was fixed, and that they did it to make Joe Biden a winner in Michigan, and now don’t want anyone to take a close look and discover their criminality.

It is also interesting how clueless the Democrats appear. They seem to think that the Republican majority in the state legislature means nothing, when in fact in means everything. If they do not ease the concerns of those legislators and get enough Republicans to vote for a slate of Electors, the state will not present any Electors to the Electoral College, which means nether candidate will have enough votes to win the Presidency and the decision will fall to the House of Representatives.


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  • David

    Looks like the vote was taken later and the vote was to certify the results.

  • “If they do not ease the concerns of those legislators and get enough Republicans to vote for a slate of Electors, the state will not present any Electors to the Electoral College, which means nether candidate will have enough votes to win the Presidency and the decision will fall to the House of Representatives.”

    Well, that would certainly fit in with the rest of the year. Party like it’s 1824.

  • wayne

    ditto on what David related– The Wayne County Board of Canvassers has certified their results.
    [Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties, make up the Detroit metroplex, with Wayne being the most populous county in Michigan. All controlled by the democrat-party apparatus.]

    In related news–on Sunday Maximum Leader Whitmer, announced renewed ‘lockdowns,’ for the State starting Wednesday at 12:01 am.
    -indoor social gathers limited to 10 people.
    -High Schools are closed for 3 weeks. (elementary & junior-high, are not)
    – dine-in service at restaurants and bars is prohibited, as well as entertainment venues, stadiums, bowling alleys, theaters and group fitness classes.
    -Stores, libraries and museums aren’t shut under the order but they must limit capacity to 30% total occupancy.

    Anecdotally–paper-products began evaporating from local grocery stores Sunday afternoon…..

  • wayne

    “Party like it’s 1824.”
    –>outstanding word-smithery!

  • David

    I screwed up. Didn’t see the condition that the unexplained irregularities with certain precincts require a audit by Michigan’s Secretary of State.

    Sorry to all for my error.

  • Questioner

    Election Fallout Reveals Battle Between Freedom and Communism

    “More and more people are now realizing that the 2020 U.S. election is not a two-party fight, not a dispute between Trump and Joe Biden, but a battle between tradition ​​and socialism, a battle between good and evil, a battle between the divine and the communist devil..”

    Citation from:

  • john hare

    I must not be understanding the quote properly. If the mismatches range from one to four votes for an entire precinct ,that is not likely widespread fraud, but rather minor errors in system.

    While I am not satisfied that the election was clean, focusing on nitpicky (if that’s what this is) discrepancies actually discredits the objecting side. Credibility is crucial here. so please tell me I misunderstood the quote.

  • Phill O

    Intimidation works.

    Big Al was the only one put in jail.

  • Shawn

    @John Hare – You did not misread. So far, despite a great deal of energy behind claiming a fraudulent election, no actual evidence of fraud has been provided to either a judge or a reliable media source. A great number of people are dismayed over the result of the election, having thought Trump was going in strong and primed for another win. It is unusual for a president to lose their second term. Their angst is palpable in every corner of the internet.

    The question I have is why do we see continued stonewalling from the Trump administration and support for actions that disenfranchise voters without providing evidence of widespread voter fraud. If there is a belief that 148K votes or more in Michigan were fraudulent, it should be easy to find given the size. If there is fraud, let’s prove it, find the perpetrators, and arrest them. If not, the country needs to move forward in the direction the voters chose.

    Throwing out votes you don’t like is what they do in places like China, Russia, and Venezuela. We’re better than that.

  • janyuary

    FACT: In the 1850s, if you believed “that government is best that governs least,” you would vote Democrat. The Republican party then wanted to expand government. A century later, it had reversed and Republicans boasted they were the party of “that government is best that governs least.”

    By the 2016 primaries, I’d been a registered loyal Republican since 1975, party ticket voter every time, furious that no matter how I voted, things were nationally moving left. I was raised by a free market entrepreneur who converted many a lefty to solid then-“conservative Republican” political principles. But that was in the ’60s and ’70s. It decayed very badly ….. McCain was bad; Romney was exponentially worse, and Trump exponentially worse than Romney.

    Here is what happened: Donald Trump stole the 2016 Republican primary, with personal threats and strong-arming, just as ruthlessly as any Democrats have ever stolen any election. I watched it happened and dropped out of the Republican party. Robert, they always cave. They only ever play defense.

    Time to walk away from both failed political parties and movements and UNITE in a movement to go on OFFENSE, to separate government from medicine, church, and basic rights. Americans are voting on “rights” that ONLY GOD bestows or judges. A man who wants to risk death on a daily basis becomes a test pilot — it is zero biz of the government to overrule his personal risk choice because Officials think it’s smarter to live more timidly. Yet that is what government presumes to do now in America. It is time to leave defense and GO ON OFFENSE for liberty.

  • wayne

    “Six Days in July — Coverage of the 1967 Detroit riots”
    WWJ / WDIV
    August 1967

    contemporary day-by-day retrospective film-clips and commentary

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