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Tonight I will be doing the first hour with George Noory on Coast to Coast. Should be fun, as I will be reviewing the present state of the American space industry and how it is steadily pushing NASA out of the way as we learn how to get into space, without the government.



  • danae

    Super! I’ll be listening. I can’t stand the unctuous George Noory, but appreciate the opportunity you’ll have to argue for private capital and ingenuity vs. the bureaucracy in development for space exploration.

  • leslie

    Wish your books were audio format : ( Love to hear you on c2c

  • D. K. Williams

    I miss Art Bell, but Noory is okay. Nice gig, Bob. That show dominates late night radio nationwide.

  • You will single-handedly raise the IQ of all listeners by at least ten points. Unfortunately, this is still a low bar for that show.

  • steve mac

    I enjoyed the “show”, and think you did an outstanding job!

  • wodun

    Art was the best. The man was an artisan and scientist of radio, a true master of the medium.

  • Thomas

    I for one, am more interested in Nasa’s hunt for exobiology, and for knowledge of the cosmos, then private industries hunt for profits and shuttling tourists into space.

  • danae

    Art was the best, Wodun, and he had the integrity to mention now and then that Coast to Coast was part entertainment, part enlightenment. George Noory has done more than nearly anyone else to promote the plethora of conspiracy theories that plagues our society. The first time he hosted for Art, he announced that he loves conspiracy theories, and that’s been the thrust of the show ever since. Reputable guests have become rarities, and the success he’s had in his campaign to dissuade parents from allowing their children to receive routine immunizations is downright disgusting.

  • wodun

    But what if the later enables the former?

    There is nothing our government does that is not made possible without the willing surrender of lifeblood from our citizens and companies.

    There is a simbiotic relationship between private enterprise and government and there isn’t any reason this would not be true in space.

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