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For those that might want to hear more of my thoughts about the state of the American space effort, I will be on Coast to Coast with George Noory tonight from 10 to 11 pm (Pacific).



  • wodun

    Art Bell will be coming back on Sirus.

    Will try and remember to tune in tonight.

  • Phil Berardelli

    Fine column in the WSJ today, Bob. Absolutely dead-on.

  • Joseph Hiddink

    Robert Zimmerman,sir,
    I do not know if I contacted you before but I am the one who invented anti-gravity, the technology of the Flying Saucer.
    You can see the Propulsion System by typing >One Terminal Capacitor< in your Search Slot.
    It was offered to Nasa already in 1978 when \I go the patent. The |propulsion Engineers in Cleveland refused it, it would make the Rocket Industry obsolete,
    Of course they tried it in 2003 after the second Space Disaster and caused the big blackout in Ontario and the USA. Inventing a tree that had done it all.
    Since |I, with my very first experiment in 1967 blew a big power transformer with one single pulse of one million volts, and they used a much higher voltage to blow the big Power Transformer Station on their grounds and leaked the short circuits all over, that TREE nonsense must be apparent..
    This Propulsion System will bring a Spacecraft at the ISS in one hour, the Moon in a couple of hours and mars within one day. Al that at a fraction of the cost.
    Do you feel, that NASA has any brains? Should it go to another country that will make the USA the laughing stock of the century.?
    Regards, Joe Hiddink.
    147 Burcher Rd., Ajax, OntarIo, Canada l1S 2R6 cell 905-409-4441

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