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A quick holiday fund-raising campaign for Behind the Black!
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In past years I have managed to avoid asking for donations for Behind the Black during the holiday season. My finances however now compel me to do a short one-week fund-raiser, from November 11 to November 17.
I do not use Twitter for ethical reasons, which I have been told cuts down on traffic to the website. So be it. Furthermore, Facebook has clearly acted in the past two years to limit traffic to Behind the Black, almost certainly for political reasons. So be this as well. Finally, I do not post outside ads, as I have found them annoying to my readers and not that profitable to me.


Therefore, I need to ask for the direct support from my readers. If you like what I do here, please consider contributing, either by making a one-time donation or a monthly subscription, as indicated in the tip jar below.


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Or you could consider purchasing one of my books, as indicated in the boxes scattered throughout the website. My histories of space exploration are award-winning and are aimed for the general public. All are page-turners, and all not only tell the story of the beginning of the human exploration of space, they also help explain why we are where we are today. And I also have a science fiction book available, Pioneer, which tells its own exciting story while trying to predict what life in space will be like two hundred years in the future.


Note that for this week only I am also having a sale on the purchase of the last 20 hardbacks of Leaving Earth. (Click on the link for more information about the book, which was endorsed by Arthur C. Clarke himself!) This award-winning out-of-print book is now only available as an ebook, but I still have a handful of hardbacks available, normally for sale for $70 plus $5 shipping. For this week only you can buy them, personally autographed by me, for $50 plus $5 shipping! Just send me a check, payable to Robert Zimmerman, to the address above, with a note saying that the money is for the Leaving Earth hardback.


Please consider donating. Your help will make it possible for me to continue to be an independent reporter in the field of space, science, technology, and culture.

Tonight is radio night here at Behind the Black. I will be on two different syndicated radio shows, one in the United Kingdom, The Moore Show, followed by two hours live beginning at 10 pm (Pacific) on Coast to Coast with George Noory.

Both interviews should be a lot of fun. I intend to talk a bit about today’s SpaceShipTwo flight and how that lays the groundwork for the future of space travel. The subject of climate will also be a topic on both shows.



  • Greg Smith

    Congraguations, it is good to see that you are on Coast to Coast!

  • Peter Francis

    Great stuff your exposition on the Moore show. The appetite whetted with John Batchelor was satiated (temporarily) with the extended discourse with Kevin Moore. I need a ITunes Podcast feed to all your interviews. “Curiosity wins”.

  • rosemary castanza

    Great show with George, and i cannot believe a high school is teaching we didn’t go to the moon, but i seen video of people on the streets of NYC being brainwashed that we did not go and they already attacked our astronauts calling them liars I heard. i have a article from yrs. ago that said they also thanked God for making there and before they put the flag up they did Communion to God and THAT was hidden from the public from the start so it is NO surprise that they would teach that we didn’t go at all. These teachers must be fired. What did the whole country watch that day if we didn’t go?>ask the ones not even born yet that are starting this lie

  • lulu

    re: moon landing real?

    Just heard you on c2c, I think what they are saying is that we did go to the moon, but the video that was shown to the public was actually shot in a studio, as Kubrick was working on “2001- a space odyssey” then…. Possibly they were afraid to show the public live film feed in case something really horrible happened. This is Jay Weidner’s theory based on his study of Kubrick’s life and films.

  • The landing was real, the live television footage shown was real, the film footage released later was real. Nothing was shot in a studio.

    Every claim about anything being faked is a lie. Pure and simple.

  • roberta jacobowitz

    Enjoyed hearig you on Coast to Coast. You mentioned the possibility of another Little Ice Age. This link to an ebook was written for teens to young adults coping with the possible Little Ice Age.

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