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For those willing to stay up a bit late, I will be appearing on Coast to Coast tonight from midnight to 2 am (Pacific), talking about my book, The Universe in a Mirror, and history of the Hubble Space Telescope as it celebrates its 25th anniversary in orbit.



  • t-dub

    Always nice to hear you on Coast Robert, I will tune in for sure.

  • t-dub

    Robert, listening to your interview now. Your talk on philosophy vs science was excellent. Thank you so much. Also very interesting to learn about the Hubble and Webb telescopes.

  • Joe Allen

    You assume that all reality is PHYSICAL reality. However Information and Meaning (e.g., the Meaning of Life) are NOT Physical realities; they are NON-Physical realities because they have NO Physical properties (mass, polarity, etc).

    Information can be coded into Physical realities like the English language (e.g., two = 2, yes, no, etc), but an Intelligent Agent has to de-code the Information.

  • I do not assume at all that “all reality is physical.” You are putting words in my mouth. I was very clear on C2C tonight that when I am talking about science, I am not talking about philosophy. They are different things. What I believe philosophically I touched upon later in the show, after you posted this comment.

    I should emphasize that I only touched upon it.

  • Pet

    Rats, I missed it. I usually listen to the two idiots on redeye radio, but occasionally I tune in to the UFO channel during commercial breaks and give good old gullible George a moment because once in a while he will have a REAL scientist on (sometimes even a blind squirrel can find a nut).
    You are always one of the best guests on the John Batchelor show and I always look forward to when you are on.

  • Ben K

    I only caught the final hour, just flipping through, because as has been said, once in a while C2C has a rational guest. It was an enjoyable and thought provoking interview.

    And thank you Robert for the explanation of the name of the site, behindtheblack. If there is an explication of the name buried here, Ive never come across it. The philosophy ot embodies truly resonated.

  • Click on the link dubbed only “Behind the Black.” I intentionally left the location of that essay a little obscure, almost like an Easter Egg, so that people would have to search to find it.

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