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On Thursday and Friday I will likely not be able to do much posting, as I am heading up to Kitt Peak to watch an amateur astronomer do overnight observations using the 2.1 meter telescope on the mountain. I will also be taking a tour of the numerous facilities on the mountain top. All of this is in connection with an article I am writing for Sky & Telescope.

I am unsure if I will have internet service there. If I do, I will continue to post. Otherwise I will return Friday afternoon and pick up from there.

Update, Friday mid-day: I am back. Though I had access to the internet, I was too busy with other business to post. A lot of news stories since yesterday, so there will be a lot of posts in the next few hours.



  • Orion314

    Wish i was there as well , safe trip , and of course , Clear Skies!

  • I understand that you visited our radio telescope yesterday. Next time you are going to pop in for a visit of the ARO 12-Meter Radio Telescope, give us a heads up and we can provide a more formal presentation.

  • Thomas,

    Thanks for the future invite. This visit was to get a general overview of the entire mountain top, with a focus on the facilities that are threatened due to the NSF budget cuts. I was mostly interested in learning what was on the mountain, so spending a lot of time at any one facility would have actually been counter-productive.

    In the future I will definitely let you know if I am returning to Kitt Peak. As things turned out, your guys at the 12 meter, Bob, Kevin, and Mike, gave me a thorough look that was much appreciated. Kudos to them, especially in that it was unscheduled.

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