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Posting today has been lacking because Diane and I have been in the air, flying to the Bahamas where I will be giving a lecture tomorrow on space exploration at Lyford Cay Resort. We will be returning on Monday. I should get some posting over the weekend, but only in the evening after enjoying the day.

Posted from Nassau, the Bahamas.



  • Lee S

    Is there any chance of the lecture being recorded and available to us mere mortals Bob?

  • wayne

    (You are in Canada aren’t you? Stop sending that artic air to us. It’s not even 10 degrees in Michigan today.)

    Ref the Lecture: Good question!
    I want live-streaming & immediate upload to YouTube. (HAR)

    That’s some fancy resort boy! Look at their website and Wiki entry!

  • Lee S: In a word, nope. This is a very private exclusive club. They do not make their events available to the public.

    However, if you want to see this lecture, this is easily arranged, for a small speaker fee, plus expenses. :)

  • Cotour

    One of my customers came in last night and just an hour before returned from a trip with his wife.

    Where exactly were they? Hawaii, tent camping on the Southern slope of a mountain on the big island during the “nuclear missile attack”.

    He is a well known research scientist and his wife is a psychiatrist and both understood that if this was a real attack that they had no chance, so what did they decide to do since they had no place to shelter?

    They decided to make a fresh pot of coffee.

    I smiled, what else could you do?

    Now that’s a fun “on the road” story.

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