On Tuesday Virgin Galactic rolled WhiteKnightTwo out of its hanger “as part of a gearing up process.”.

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Is it cracked or not? On Tuesday Virgin Galactic rolled WhiteKnightTwo out of its hanger “as part of a gearing up process.”.

Though the above article is very vague about what is being done, this article explains that they are doing taxi tests of new landing gear. The timing, however, makes me suspect that this is also a public relations ploy to counter yesterday’s reports about cracks in the vehicle’s wings.



  • joe

    One has to wonder why Scaled composites would turn over the aircraft to Virgin with known issues, almost like they are washing their hands of the whole thing.

  • More baffling is this: Why would Virgin Galactic accept the aircraft with known problems?

    The whole situation is puzzling.

  • Pzatchok

    The article says they are testing new brakes since all the old ones tested caused trouble with the plane.

    This doesn’t sound like a brake problem at all. The brakes that planes use have been around since the 1950’s. Its the basis for automobile disk brakes.

    What it sounds like is something is happening to the plane when the brakes are used. Like when landing.

    I bet the whole of the landing gear structure is causing all the cracks we are hearing about. I am guessing but I wonder if they have added an anti skid brake system to it in hopes that it will keep any extra stress and vibration out.

    It all might have something to do with the fact that the brakes are made and tuned for when the extra weight of the space craft is added in but when its not connected I bet the brakes lock up real hard and vibrate and bounce that craft around quite a bit on landing. Possibly causing cracks.

    If anyone has ever hauled anything on a trailer with brakes before I bet you have noticed what happens when you turn the trailer brakes up all the way and you have no load on the trailer. It locks up the wheels as soon as you hit the brakes and bounces the trailer around.

  • Kelly Starks

    If Virgins right and its just surface glue splitting, its not much past cosmetic. If the spar itself had cracks. They’ll need to replace the wing.

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