On Wednesday Israel launched its tenth satellite, spy satellite Ofek 10.

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On Wednesday Israel launched its tenth satellite, spy satellite Ofek 10.

This story is only noteworthy in that the launch shows Israel’s very capable abilities to independently launch its own rockets and satellites into orbit. The country however really isn’t competing with the rest of the world in the race to conquer the universe. Their focus is solely surveillance and reconnaissance for security reasons, plus having the missile capability to deliver payloads long distances.

Culturally, the bulk of Israel’s population is in Israel because that’s where they want to be. Going to the stars is not their priority.

Update: Nor does it matter that there is an Israeli team competing in the Google X Prize contest to land an unmanned private rover on the Moon. While there might be individual Israelis who want to settle Mars, the culture’s focus is still going to be on strengthening Israel itself.



  • Mitch S.

    Culturally, the bulk of the US population is in America because they want to be (though I do agree the cultural/religious connection to the land is stronger among Israelis). I expect if Israel didn’t have such pressing defense needs Israelis would be interested in using their tech for exploration.
    Does make me wonder about Israel’s current launch capability. I have to figure their rocket has limited lift capability, and/or is expensive, and/or depends on a lot of outside components (engines?) or I’d expect them to be competing for commercial /NASA work.

  • Steve C

    This of course reminds me of
    Jews in Space!


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