One in five enrollees in Obamacare are likely to have their policy canceled for not paying their premium.

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Finding out what’s in it: One in five enrollees in Obamacare are likely to have their policy canceled for not paying their premium.

And why have they not paid their premiums? “We figure either those people had a change of heart or thought it was too expensive.”

Wait until later this year, when the cancellation notices go out from small businesses. People will then be so happy the Democrats and Obama were willing to shut the government down in October to keep their law in place.



  • PeterF

    Our president will likely do his part to help “the folk” by scheduling a speech that indicates he is as surprised as everyone else, that he is doing everything in his power to correct the problem, and that republican gridlock (and/or George Bush) is to blame. Then head off to the golf course because he has used his pen and telephone and that is the limit of his ability.

  • wodun

    That was hard to watch. I didn’t get any enjoyment out of it even though chances are some of them voted for Obama.

    They didn’t say but I bet after they hit their deductible, there is a 20% co-insurance that must be paid until the out of pocket cap is hit. If not, their plans are better than the ones I have been looking at.

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