One person describes the experience she and her mother had under Obamacare.

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One person describes the experience she and her mother had under Obamacare.

Beside the fact that the doctor hardly looked at them (consumed as he was entering data on his laptop as required by the law), the mother was deemed “too old [for an MRI] and ObamaCare will not approve payment” and their prescriptions were not ready at the pharmacy at the time promised. Her conclusion:

ObamaCare is not just very expensive insurance that most of us cannot and will not afford without drastic changes in lifestyle. It delivers lousy service, uncaring and poorly paid doctors, inadequate reimbursement, longer wait times, and selective rationing.

She also notes Obamacare’s requirement that all medical records be digital results in a complete loss of privacy.

As all these computers communicate with each other through the various electronic portals, do not expect any medical privacy or cyber security of any kind. Your entire life’s history, health, meds, warts, skin lesions, bunions, surgeries, hospitalizations, Social Security numbers, income, addresses, smoking history, salt intake, soda drinking and fat-eating habits, sexual preferences, gun ownership, and biometric data are up for grabs for all to see and use. All your private medical history and information will be sent to a clearing house with or without your permission in January 2014.

Aren’t you glad the Democratic Party and Obama insisted on shutting down the government in October to prevent any changes to this law?



  • Kelly Starks

    All the rick folks Obama likes can afford care, and the rest… are less important then the cause.

    Yeah. Suddenly folks who were rolling their eyes and in complet disbeleaf at the “fearmongering” “over the top” “extreamist” claims of republicans about Obamacare are now looking shockingly real. I think this is all making the most extreme anti Obamacare Republicans and their actions, like Sen. Cruise and the folks shutting down the gov, look not only justified, but heroic.

  • BernieH

    Where do “below average” doctors end up practicing?

    I once mentioned to one of my engineering students that I though the average doctor WAS NOT any smarter than the average engineer. “I don’t think so either,” he replied “they just have stronger stomachs!”

    Below average engineers get paid less and are often glad to have a job at all. Won’t below average doctors end up where the compensation is less? And where might that be?

  • Scott

    I’ve been reading bits and pieces of the HR 3200 draft bill ever since I downloaded it in Sept of 09. All the bad news is right there in print. Too bad the folks in the MSM were too lazy to have a look. And there’s much, much more that will be hitting the fan as this monster emerges over the next few years. For example, the upcoming doctor shortage was anticipated. (or planned) There’s a load of “programs” and money allotted for the training and licensing of nurse practitioners, and it’s skewed toward low income applicants. Don’t be surprised when 90% of your future medical needs, tests, exams, etc. are provided by these people. Seeing the “doctor” will become very much like seeing a very busy specialist today.

  • mike shupp

    Ohhhh . . . I dunno. Suppose you’re off in an unfamiliar place — northern Maine, for instance — and get in an accident and are carted off unconscious to a local hospital. And somebody pulls your wallet out and tells the ER admittance nurse that your official medical ID number is 123-456-7890 or whatever, and in ten seconds or so she is able to tell the physician that you’re a diabetic with a serious penicillin allergy. Is this a major violation of your privacy? Or is this kind of a good thing, giving the doctor information you’d like him to have if you were conscious and able to breathe without assistance?

    It’s new-fangled, I know, and it ain’t LIBERTY! but I think you can make sort of a case for national medical records.

  • Cotour

    The nature of such a system will be to abuse power. Why can’t your specific insurance card just have your specific coded information on it without having the government being the holder of the information and being the gate keeper?

    It is not governments function under the Constitution to be inserted in such a system, there is no justification for it.

    “its new fangled” is a nice, harmless term but if you were to study and understand the history of the human race you would have learned that especially in America this is not the function of government at the minimum because of what will tend to be done with such information. Are you aware of how the IRS was used by this administration as a political weapon? What do you think the potential is for when they control your health care?

    The whole concept is un Constitutional.

  • I recently signed up for digital healthcare records because it’s the only way I’m allowed to get access to the raw results of my own medical tests.. short of distracting the doctor and taking pictures of them with my phone.

    .. I already live in a country with socialized medicine. Enjoy your transition. I wonder which country will become the new frontier of medicine.

  • Scott

    I wonder, Mike Shupp, if the national medical records will include a photo I.D.? Uh, Oh…then that could be considered potential voter suppression. Oh, but I forgot…this is a Democrat mandated law. So it’s just fine. All’s well.

  • Pzatchok

    “Below average engineers get paid less and are often glad to have a job at all. Won’t below average doctors end up where the compensation is less? And where might that be?”

    Well they used to end up in the Veterans health care system. Or the US military medical system.

    Two places everyone wanted to be when they were sick.

    Now that we have improved and cleaned up both those systems just think of the new one Obama is creating for the people. Doctors with educations and abilities just above back street abortionists getting salaried jobs for the rest of their lives. Just so they could take care of your old aunt Fanny. Trust them.

  • Pzatchok

    Oh they read about. Don’t go thinking they didn’t just because they never reported the details.

    They read the details and chose not to let the people know about them. Their new religion (Democrat) would not stand up to a hit that this bill would give them.

    They were secretly praying that it would be fixed and finalized by smarter people than them before the role out date.
    But they were wrong. Oh so wrong. And for a while they were hoping to deflect away any criticism onto the republicans by blaming them for not “giving it a chance” or “hoping it would fail”, like hope is that powerful or that “the republicans under financed it”.

    If giving it a chance meant letting all the democrats vote yes on it than I guess they might have been right. And if hoping was all that powerful no one would be sick and we would all be rich. And as far as underfunding it. Well guess who has been in control of the purse strings during the whole thing?

    They knew exactly what was going on the whole time and they are right now trying to get it back on track by shaming the young people into buying into it. By claiming that it has already helped millions. Even though they can not find anyone who has actually used it to an advantage.

  • Pzatchok

    Come on Mike think for a minute about what you just said.

    How many young people have fake ID’s that could pass for real ones? How many illegal aliens might be using your same SS number and thus your very same medical number?What if they misread your information and your now getting the treatment some old diabetic guy with cancer should be getting?

    Ever hear about a doctor cutting off the wrong part because of some small clerical mistake or the wrong patient was brought into the OR?

    Things might not be perfect now but at least someone else isn’t using my healthcare records or insurance numbers and or getting theirs mixed up with mine without anyone noticing until I’m dead.

    No let them keep making those 15 minute tests to make sure of your blood type and diabetic conditions. Its the safer way. Put anything else on a medical alert bracelet like we do now.
    In an emergency they don’t do anything more than stabilize you until family can get there anyways.

  • Pzatchok

    Heck one day my brother came home with copies his cat scans and z-rays just because he asked for them and wanted to take them out for a second opinion. And that was from the VA clinic.

  • I have routinely for the past 20 years asked for and gotten copies of all medical tests and their results. (I want to keep my own medical file at home, for both reference and the easy ability to provide it to new doctors.) Those tests belong to me, as I am paying for them. No doctor has ever objected.

  • Kelly Starks

    Thats funny, the doctors my wife and I work for often refuse to giuve copies without a significant fee – adn then only allow them mailed to another doctor.

  • I would change doctors immediately. Those tests not only belong to you, they are legally not allowed to deny you copies. As for charging, most doctors will charge for copies only if you want your entire file copied. If you ask as the tests happen, no charge.

  • Kelly Starks

    Oh right – like we have a right to choose our own doctors.. (The fact I mistyped that “..the doctors my wife and I work for ..” might be Freudian.)

    It is a point of some doc policies that really grates on me.

  • Edward

    I really hate it when I get into an accident in an unfamiliar place, such as Maine, and the doctor reads that I am diabetic and have a serious penicillin allergy. Not only do I hate the accident, but I am *not* diabetic and don’t have a penicillin allergy, serious or otherwise.

    What I hate more than the accident and the incorrect data given to the doctor (who now is treating me incorrectly), is that the government has no concern that my medical information has been compromised. The government does not care that I am being treated incorrectly, or that someone else is using my records for his medical care, or that my incorrect records are being used maliciously against me because the government didn’t care to worry about security when it set up Obamacare.

    When you depend upon the government, all you will get is what the government cares for you to get, not what you wanted to get.

  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah I’m sure your not going to be the only one. Many will lose their doctors. many will die. Many will be ripped off by identity theft. All will have the costs and/or taxes raised. But its all for the cause!!!


  • Edward

    Well, if it’s for the cause, then I am all gung-ho for it!

    Wait. What cause is that? ;-)

  • Kelly Starks

    For the glory and eventual victory of the state (controlled med program) comrade!!

    Your death will help us step one step farther toward crushing the evil capitalist medical folks like your old doctors and hospitals!

    Die proudly!


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