OneWeb picks Airbus to build its first 900 satellites

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The competition heats up: OneWeb has chosen Airbus to build its initial order of 900 cubesats, designed to create a constellation of satellites providing global internet access.



  • Maurice Levie

    I’m having an Iridium flashback. quick poll: who is still using HughesNet?

  • pzatchok

    They are still in business.

    I understand their internet lag time is pretty high. But if its all you got then I guess its what you go with.

  • Maurice Levie

    If you mean “in business” equals “on life support provided by the DoD and DoS” then yes. Only INMARSAT has a real business. Although it’s cool to have 900 cubesats providing relay service, putting up 2G or 3G cell phone towers is cheaper, faster, easier …

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