Orbital ATK shareholders approve sale to Northrop Grumman

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Capitalism in space: The shareholders of Orbital ATK today approved the sale of the company to Northrop Grumman for $7.8 billion.

I suspect this will mean the end of the Orbital name, to be replaced by Northrop Grumman, once a major player in space but focused elsewhere in recent decades.


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  • Max

    In the discussion of what the future of space will be like… Northrop Grumman will not only have “leading contender status”, but also has the money, the technical know-how, and the firepower to back up any foothold inside or outside earths orbit that it wishes. It can also guarantee the safety of any client/country/company/corporation that wishes to use their services.


    There future doesn’t just look good for this mega corporation/arms dealer, they have the right people in the right places… They are golden.
    The conspiracy theories, and justified worries following this company around like a dark shadow… like a deep state shadow.
    Dark projects do exist, it’s the not knowing what they’re working on that promotes imagination…
    Here is an example of fact mixed with fiction, proof mixed with exaggerations… (The further you go Into the article, the more complicated and extra ordinary the relationships become)


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