Orbital Sciences has confirmed a September 15 launch date for the first Cygnus capsule mission to ISS.

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The competition heats up: Orbital Sciences has confirmed a September 15 launch date for the first Cygnus capsule mission to ISS.



  • wade

    this is Not competition or Anything But a Hoodwink Fooler to the Public . it is as IF we have Lost All rocket Abilities after W. von Braun died. its ALL a Game towards the people to blatantly Screw Us Out of our Money. i had a Close Look at this and Other projects presented to the Public including that junk from Space X which is Only a modern version of what WE Had in the NASA Gemini Program 50yrs Ago. they must Think that All people are Stupid. what a Joke along with that bogus SLS crap

  • Tim

    Wade, Wade, Wade. Why are your panties in a bunch?
    And why the disdain for American manufacturing!?

  • David

    So what if the capsule technology is old-fashioned? They still build the C-130 Hercules, a design from before I was born, because it fits a need really well and is a proven performer. I’m still pulling for a better, safer spaceplane too, but capsules will probably still make better economic sense for a lot of jobs.

  • wade

    yes Tim and David, a capsule is Still the best Proven and Economical space vehicle. and the C-130 is a solid workhorse. i seen the fire resulting of one crashing many years ago after a stall due to pilot error. Yet, even though these private companies have made Astounding achievements, it is as If , we the People have been given the tech of mid 1960s achievements that the World Governments possessed Back Then. and That is the Source of my frustration expressed here. there are A Lot of developments coming in Space Planes and i feel that these will be The New Ground or avenue of Development. Runway to Orbit and back to Runway has been somewhat ignored on the Forefront yet many stacks of dollars have been spent on development of these machines, and a lot of Tech is still hidden from the Public regarding these Vehicles.

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