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Oregon protest live

UPDATE: The police have agreed to back off, if the protesters stay on the sidewalks. At one point one protester smashed the glass on the locked access door that I think is normally open for public access to the legislature.

The key final moment in this protest was when it appears the police used their military vehicle to ram and essentially total one of the trucks that the protesters had placed on the road to block it. The police rammed it, and then backed off to their previous position. The protesters than assembled at that position, pressuring the police hard. This seemed to force the negotiation that caused the police to leave.

Original post:
It appears that a group showed up to enter the assembly building to watch the legislative session, as legally allowed, and were prevented and attacked. They then sent out a flash mob announcement, and when heavy military style vehicles from the police arrived, announcing that they are an “unlawful assembly”, the protesters blocked their street with their own buses and vehicles.

The live stream is active, and the protest is ongoing. What will happen is unknown, as the protesters are refusing to leave and the police have been bringing in reinforements.

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  • Kyle

    I like how the state govt leaders treat these protestors differently than the portland chop/chaz/whatever protestors

  • James Street

    Here in Seattle the Seattle police, Seattle government, and BLM/Antifa coordinate to psychologically and physically terrorize the citizens.

  • Phill O

    Thank goodness for Komo news. Here is a link to “Fighting for the Soul of Seattle” by Komo

    We can be assured that if it called illegal, it must be a protest by the conservative faction. Definitely not BLM or Antifa.

  • TL

    Grew up in Salem (parents still live there). Spent the late ’90s / early 2000s living in downtown Portland. Now my commute (prior to the 2020 work from home experience) takes me to downtown Seattle. REALLY sick of the cities I’ve been a part of making the national news these days.

    Kyle – This group is being treated differently in no small part because they are at the state capitol while the legislature is in session. This makes it an Oregon State Police problem. Primary responsibility for dealing with earlier protest-riots in Portland and Seattle was the domain of those cities police departments. Regardless of their politics, a large and hostile gathering is going to be handled very differently by OSP instead of the city police forces.

  • David Eastman

    When the DOJ and Gov. Brown came to a deal earlier this summer to “end the conflict at the Federal courthouse”, part of the deal was that the Oregon State Police would assume the duties of keeping the Antifa/BLM protestors away from the courthouse. Which the Portland Police had refused to do, and everyone was complaining about various federal officers doing in their place. As part of that deal, sheriff’s deputies from the nearby counties were also supposed to help out, but the sheriff’s all laughed. OSP very quickly got frustrated that they would take the heat, stand in front of protestors and get pelted with junk and the like, up to and including blood, urine, and feces, finally make a few arrests, and then the same protestor they arrested was immediately released without charges and laughing at them at the protest the next night. Some of the OSP have since shown their willingness to take out those frustrations on any protestors they’re allowed to, and don’t seem to care who those protestors are or what they’re protesting.

  • V-Man

    Expect to see more events like these in the following weeks. I’m forecasting open street firefights by January. Stock up on weapons, ammo and food. It’s going to be a rough patch. 75-odd years of peace was a nice (and unprecedented!) interlude in the normal course of human affairs.

    (Up here in the Great White North, on the periphery of the empire, I’m expecting fewer shocks, but I’m still going to grab extra food tomorrow and make sure the car and go-bags are ready, just in case.)

  • Patrick Underwood

    Why isn’t this on the news? The only pace I’ve seen it covered is on pjmedia.

  • Patrick Underwood. And here.

  • Patrick Underwood

    Right, I wouldn’t have even known about it otherwise. Thank you.

  • wayne

    Good stuff.

    time for a musical interlude….

    The Smashing Pumpkins
    “Bullet With Butterfly Wings”
    Live in-studio 2018

  • Todd Brown

    So, we’ve got police coming for Patriots…250 million tax payer dollars going to the Palestinians.
    Hundreds of millions more for other governments that don’t like us, let alone side with our freedoms.
    What little we have left commrades. #smh
    A stolen election…an incompetent, senile future President….Folks…. We’re in for a full fledge Civil War…our politicians are corrupt to the core… selling out Our Country left and right.
    I’m not sure what else to say other than be safe, be strong, be vigilant and never ever forget what our Veterans fought for.
    It wasn’t this.

  • ‘Battleground State” has kind of taken on a meaning this year not seen since 1861.

    Joseph de Maistre: “In a democracy, people get the leaders they deserve.”

    Remember, folks, as a society, we voted for this. The Left has browbeaten people into submission, and here we are.

  • janyuary

    The psychology of this is fascinating — I find myself and everyone else totally distracted by seemingly important bells and whistles when ALL WE NEED TO CONSIDER is:

    1. Our right to assembly public or otherwise has been removed from us.
    It is illegal now for us to gather together, spontaneously or planned, in large groups, on private property or public, to discuss C19 and election garbage freely among ourselves and hash it out, to meet face to face and talk about it as neighbors and relatives and friends. The only way we can debate this among ourselves is either online, monitored and frequently censored (which makes one understand how many great ideas one has been deprived of reading online in comments sections), or by telephone/computer in faux groups. We cannot assemble and therefore we are divided.

    2. Arithmetic as plain as the nose on Grouch Marx’s face, clearly states that as of this moment, 99.9plus percent of Americans are fine. The idea of “stopping the spread” is lunacy because clearly we have beaten it already.

  • janyuary

    I meant to say that after a year of this “pandemic” and lockdowns, 99.9+ percent of Americans are fine with regard to C19; they either had it and are fine, or never got it. Ninety nine point nine plus percent. “Stop the spread” — what spread?

    Ignoring arithmetic is dangerous business.

  • Edward

    bkivey wrote: “Remember, folks, as a society, we voted for this.

    No, we as a society voted for Trump. The election was stolen, and no one in government was willing to protect our right to a free and fair election.

    What we are getting is what other voters deserve.

  • janyuary

    Edward … actually, we have no idea who “we” as a society voted for, ZIP. All we really have is our guesses and arithmetic to put numbers into context. In 2016, large majorities of Americans who voted, REJECTED both Trump and Hillary. That’s the arithmetic. It told everyone loudly, clearly, certainly, that large majorities of Americans who voted thought both candidates really, really stunk. Like yesterday’s diapers. It was the electoral college that did its job and put the Republican in office; sadly, that Republican was Democrat Donald Trump with years of marketing crafted to disguise his lefty Democrat colors. But all one really had to do to see them was due diligence.

    For pete’s sake, Trump cheated to get the Republican nomination. I am sorry that so many flat refuse to face or deal with that truth and what it means. Live by the sword, die by the sword. The ONLY way to regain our freedom is to walk away from Republicans, Trump, Biden, Democrats, liberals, and conservatives, leave that dangerous and stupid baggage behind us, and UNITE to advance liberty.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “All we really have is our guesses and arithmetic to put numbers into context.

    What we have is a huge amount of evidence of fraud. We also have behaviors by election officials that cannot be explained any way other than that they were covering up election fraud. The refusal to investigate accusations of fraud is more behavior that cannot be explained any way other than an attempt to allow actual fraud.

    When these activities occur in other countries, we know that fraud has occurred, but somehow people are willing to believe that it just can’t happen here. Who are you going to believe, the fraudsters or your eyes?

  • janyuary

    Edward — spot on as usual. I hope you know that I am convinced as well that fraud has occurred.

    Because of that fraud … we don’t really know how people voted. But we do know how they voted in the past; again, if one accepts numbers of the 2016 election as legit, then large majorities of voters rejected both candidates; it was the blessed and crucial Electoral College that did its job as designed.

    Just the same even there I believe [as opposed to know] that Democrats are over-represented politically because they have for so long harvested votes from otherwise indifferent losers who’d never vote otherwise. Over the past decade especially, I concluded that Republicans do similar deception within their own party to increase leftism. Republicans are now obsolete as a party and movement, time to make “progressive” a term for those who limit government in the name of God-given liberty. Or maybe an emancipation movement, to free Americans from government slavery. In any case, free people must go on offense to advance liberty and conquer tyranny.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “Because of that fraud … we don’t really know how people voted.

    Because fraud was necessary in order for BiteMe* to “win,” and because we know that in a very few places there were hundreds of thousands of bogus ballots brought in after they unprecedentedly stopped the counting (then resumed counting after the watchers were gone and the bogus ballots arrived), I think we know much more about how people voted than you give us credit for. Clear Trump victories turned into BiteMe* squeakers.

  • janyuary

    Edward, that’s fair enough, a reasonable conclusion.
    I remember though who Trump is and how he got there. Live by the sword, die by the sword. No matter what it remains a fact that in boots on the ground votes as noted in news breakdowns, both Trump and Hillary were rejected by the majority of people who voted in 2016. Large majorities left and right voted for someone other than their assumed candidate. That media scrupulously ignored any acknowledgement was a red flag.

    Yes you are right, it’s fairly obvious that the fraud was enacted to put Biden in, therefore we can assume the will of the votes went the other way … if there is apathy that frustrates those who have faith in Trump, it is because many Americans think lowly of both and have washed their hands of it. Personally, I have faith in goodness and right, I truly do. I loved Reagan …. he understood that men can accomplish anything if they don’t care who gets the credit. But I also am very leery to depend on a person whose past indicates a shallow concept of honor.

    Merry Christmas and thanks for so much interesting reading, Edward.

  • janyuary

    Edward, I’d edit above to say that large majorities on both sides rejected both candidates; Reagan’s landslide was 55 percent — Trump had 54% of voters reject him!!! Sure it’s just direct popular vote but it is very telling. It is also impossible to factor in how many votes for Hillary and Trump were made with nose clamped firmly shut from the stench. Truly … to ignore that stuff is how to end up mistaking the real picture, that’s all I’m saying. Very clearly a large majority of Americans thought both of them really stunk. It is well worth recognizing now.

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