Our glorious Democratic leaders!

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Dumb and dumber: When told that one of the Gitmo terrorists released by the Obama administration is now working for Al Qaeda recruiting more terrorists to attack the United States, Secretary of State John Kerry had a real smart answer: “He’s not supposed to do that.”

The link also provides some nice background, describing other absurd efforts of Kerry’s State Department to counter terrorism, such as when he enlisted a 1960s singer to serenade world leaders.

John Kerry was the Democratic Party’s choice to run for president in 2004. He is now the Obama administration’s choice to run the State Department. What does that tell us about that party? Could it be that they are all as dumb and incompetent as he is?



  • PeterF

    I suspect Lurch is preparing a strongly worded letter of condemnation for Ibrahim al Qosi!

  • Click on the link and then click on the twitter link provided in the middle of the article. That is exactly what Kerry is doing.

  • Cotour

    Obama and his followers, all Leftists true, are in the process of rectifying all of the immoral misdeeds and abuses of the white man for the past 300 years. Their brand of moral literalism establishes their moral high ground (in their opinion) and attempts to justify in the public’s eyes the series of actions that have been taken both domestically and internationally.

    1. The police acted “stupidly”.
    2. Obamas own words about his feelings about “whites” https://youtu.be/lI77cU3jsFs I understand his perspective and where it comes from, my position is that to be president he must somehow raise himself above his own racism, justified or not.
    3. John Kerry https://youtu.be/yixdveuf0GQ Neither Obama or Kerry can put into perspective the A moral things that country’s do. And there answer? Rectify the actions of those many years of white domination.
    4. Blowing up previous administrations agendas in the Mid East, https://youtu.be/OzbFFN6v_1w undoing the neo con agenda and empowering and enriching the Iranians. It sounds righteous and reasonable to some but big picture it is bad strategy for America and in the end may be treason IMO.

    I can go on and on but my primary point is that Obama, Kerry, Jarrett and company are actively rectifying past strategies and by doing so sells out the country.

  • 1. PeterF: Lurch. I like that.

    2. Cotour: I’ve written on a number of occasions that Progressivism fails because the philosophy has no basis in how the universe actually works. When someone says that we need to ‘fix the injustices of the past’, what they’re actually saying is ‘we can change the past’. That’s completely irrational, and a primary reason Progressives are some of the saddest, angriest people around. Despite anything they do, the past never changes.

  • Cotour

    It is entirely irrational, that’s why I call them “moral literalists”. What drives them is the thought that only THEIR moral perspective is to be employed no matter what. It is based in retribution as the payout for past misdeeds.

    So the more that a “progressive” talks about fairness and equality what they are actually talking about is retribution for past abuses, it is totally based in negativity and looking backwards and has nothing to do with the future except how they will capture the power to force their version of it on everyone.

  • Edward

    Cotour wrote: “It is based in retribution as the payout for past misdeeds.”

    What is worse is that the retribution is usually applied to an uninvolved third party merely for having some form of relation (skin color, sex, nationality, etc.) to the one who did the supposed misdeed. How fair is that?

    And the retribution can go on and on. How many times have you and I had to pay for FDR imprisoning Americans of Japanese descent? How many times have we had to pay to the descendants of people who were wronged by people in this country before *our* ancestors even came to this country?

    Fairness? Hardly.

  • wayne

    Edward wrote: “How many times have you and I had to pay for FDR imprisoning Americans of Japanese descent?”
    –Right on point!

  • pzatchok

    Another example of left think.

    Make it a law and the bad people will magically stop doing it.

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