Out hiking

Posting will resume this afternoon. Diane wanted to do a mid-week hike and I needed desperately to get out. The gyms are closed, you can’t go anywhere without being accosted for not wearing a mask, and the news is just too depressing.

In the mountains you can at least make believe you can still breathe free in America.

We should be back by 2 pm (Pacific). I will begin posting then.


  • Ken Franks

    Keep on hikin good sir. Tis a wonderful and necessary escape.

  • wayne

    “OK, Karen! ?‍♀️”
    Paul Joseph Watson
    May 2020

    (adult language & themes, therein)

  • wayne: Yup, it happens now on every hike, just like that woman in Watson’s video that yells at the bicyclist as he zips by for not social distancing.

    I however do not like the new term “Karen.” Too vague. We already have a bunch of very good English words for these idiots: busybodies, nosy-parkers, meddlers. The first however is the best, as it clearly describes them in a very unflattering way.

  • wayne

    Mr. Z.,

    Yepper, not overly fond of the term ‘Karen’ myself, it’s apparently hip, edgy, and new, or something.

    ref: “nosy parkers,” hmm,… not sure I’ve heard that one in actual conversation. (Sounds like something I would have heard in an old movie.) Is that maybe a Regional thing?

    Any quaint Yiddish words come to mind ref busybodies & meddlers?

  • wayne: Gosh, I am sure there is a perfect Yiddish word for these busy-bodies, but I don’t speak Yiddish and my mother (who did) is long gone. Any other Yiddish speakers out there?

  • wayne

    Here we go, sorta Yiddish…..
    –derived from the German words for cooking [Koch] and spoon [Loeffel].

    “A Kochleffel is a busybody—someone who stirs things and people up.”

    “Kochleffel Syndrome
    (I can’t people these people have a sense of humor.)
    “The Syndrome is widespread and relatively contagious and is transmitted by an as yet unidentified agent, usually by word of mouth. Its manifestations are protean and may mimic several other illnesses. Its most striking form is remarkably abrupt in onset and transforms the most charming person instantly into an excited, churning, and brewing creature with agitated behavior and delusions that curiously mimic those of paranoia. These delusions are so powerful that they force the patient to externalize them, preferably to someone of similar or higher status….”
    (a variant of Trump Derangement Syndrome)

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