“Over the weekend, it seems as though the national media finally figured out what most ObamaCare critics have predicted all along.”

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“Over the weekend, it seems as though the national media finally figured out what most ObamaCare critics have predicted all along.”

And what did these giants of intellectual thought finally figure out? They discovered, as conservatives have been trying to explain for four goddamn years, that Obamacare is a insane mess, it doesn’t work, it is raising costs, it is preventing people from getting health insurance, and it should never have been passed in the first place.

What a shock!



  • Orion314

    Wait until the other shoe drops, and the sheeple re-elect those criminals to another term… That will be another shock…

  • Chris Kirkendall

    What kills me is, Obama & his minions were basically calling anyone who pointed these things out liars, when in fact, our side was telling the truth, as everyone now acknowledges, and THEY were the ones lying…

  • D. K. Williams

    Obamacare originated in the Senate. Because Justice Roberts et al ruled it a tax; the law is technically invalid. Tax laws must originate in the House. However, why let a little thing like the Constitution get in the way? (With sarcasm)

  • wodun

    Ahh, but the original text was a tax law that had already passed the House and had all of its language stripped out by the Senate.

    Meanwhile, the administration of a Republican governor closed several lanes on a bridge.

  • wodun

    Today, I found out I lost my doctor. This is after I checked on the insurance website to see if he was still in the network before choosing a new policy because my old one was cancelled.

  • “. . . the insurance industry’s business model is being upended, . . . ”

    Do they mean the business model that allowed the industry to be profitable?

  • m d mill

    I would like to repeat this:
    Have you read Krouthammer’s recent column You should post it.
    The best political strategy I have heard in a long time from a mainline conservative.
    Try to repeal the hidden insurance industry “bailout provision” from obamacare with a House and Senate bill. Get liberals to vote to subsidize “fat cat” big business insurance companies (who they demonized originally-and whom I despise anyway for sucking up to the obama trough).
    They will then ,it seems, have the option of pulling out of obamacare, before they are bankrupt, and it will collapse totally.
    Even if it does not pass, liberals will have to pay for their vote in Nov….This is a win win. NO?

    regards M D Mill

  • Chris Kirkendall

    Wodun, you have our sympathies – bummer…

  • This is all horrifying, made worse by the fact that we know large numbers of Americans either don’t care, aren’t interested, or are actually glad that this disaster is happening to millions.

    I suggest that you contact your doctor and discuss the cost of paying him direct for his services. You and he might find that it is possible to work something out.

  • Publius 2

    That would be an excellent idea — provided the Republican leadership possesses the gumption to push it. These days, that is by no means certain.

  • Pzatchok

    Your all just a bunch of haters.

    It would work if all those Republicans would just get behind it and hoped it would work.

    Its only failing because so many people are hoping it would fail.

    We just need more hope, hope, hope, hope and change.

  • Edward

    I hope you’re right, Pzatchok.

  • wodun

    It sucks.

    I can either shop for a new policy or a new doctor. But as a good consumer who does their due diligence, I have to do both.

    This is a major time consuming hassle and is something I thought I was done with in December. I have some health issues I am working out and if I get a new doctor then I start all over at square one. The same thing is happening to other people with significant health issues and it is horrible.

    I already pay most of my expenses out of pocket, so I will try and bargain with the doctor but I don’t think I will get anywhere.

    It is good to know my bronze plan premiums are subsidizing gold plan massage therapy while I pay everything out of pocket.

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